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Quarrier Wrestling Drops Two Duals at West Central

The Dell Rapids Quarrier wrestling team lost their two dual matches at West Central High School on Tuesday, January 24th.  Dell Rapids lost to Hamlin/Castlewood and West Central.

Camden Tebay, John Mortrude, Kaiden Loweman, and Quinn Carr all had one match win on the night.

Hamlin/Castlewood 42, Rapids Rapids 35
  • 106: Brody Randall (HACA) over Cale Roach (DERA) (Fall 2:47)
  • 113: Camden Tebay (DERA) over Cayden Johnson (HACA) (TF 15-0 2:46)
  • 120: Rylan Yonker (HACA) over (DERA) (For.)
  • 126: Jaden Buchmann (HACA) over Breck Evans (DERA) (Fall 5:15)
  • 132: John Mortrude (DERA) over Gage Talsma (HACA) (Fall 0:52)
  • 138: Kaiden Lowman (DERA) over John Yonker (HACA) (Fall 0:47)
  • 145: Tate Everson (HACA) over (DERA) (For.)
  • 152: Brock Gisselbeck (HACA) over (DERA) (For.)
  • 170: Troy Randall Jr. (HACA) over Ryler Evans (DERA) (Fall 3:35)
  • 182: Quinn Carr (DERA) over (HACA) (For.)
  • 195: Aiden Geraets (DERA) over (HACA) (For.)
  • 220: Brandon Schmidt (DERA) over (HACA) (For.)
  • 285: Noah Smith (HACA) over Charlie Becker (DERA) (Fall 1:53)
West Central 75, Dell Rapids 3
  • 106: Alex Siemonsma (WECE) over Cale Roach (DERA) (Fall 2:00)
  • 113: Karson Vessells (WECE) over Camden Tebay (DERA) (Fall 0:00)
  • 120: Levi Anderson (WECE) over Breck Evans (DERA) (Fall 0:00)
  • 126: Orlando Whiting (WECE) over (DERA) (For.)
  • 132: Jesse Jost (WECE) over John Mortrude (DERA) (Inj. [time])
  • 138: Connor Siemonsma (WECE) over Kaiden Lowman (DERA) (Dec 7-0)
  • 145: Rayce Whiting (WECE) over (DERA) (For.)
  • 152: Chandler Carda (WECE) over (DERA) (For.)
  • 160: Keaton Vessells (WECE) over (DERA) (For.)
  • 170: Justin Zirpel (WECE) over Ryler Evans (DERA) (Fall 0:00)
  • 182: Quinn Carr (DERA) over Wyatt Nielsen (WECE) (Dec 10-4)
  • 195: Gabe Gebhard (WECE) over Aiden Geraets (DERA) (Fall 0:00)
  • 220: Abram Maras (WECE) over Brandon Schmidt (DERA) (Fall 0:00)
  • 285: Gavin Pischke (WECE) over Charlie Becker (DERA) (Fall 0:00)

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