Water Issue Brought to Council Again

DellRapidsTowerThe quality of the Dell Rapids city water was brought to the council’s attention again during their regular meeting on Monday, November 6th.  A Dell Rapids residentbrought concerns of water being a rust color and full of iron to the meeting.

“After five different times of draining a 60-gallon water heater, I finally have clear water.  That water heater’s only been in there since 2005.  There’s no reason I should have that much rust piled in the bottom of that thing…absolutely not,” she said.

She also mentioned that other houses in the Sunset Dr and 5th Ave area have the same water quality issues.

“Sunset has had an issue with that water line the last two years,” mentioned City Administrator Justin Weiland.

Councilman Mark Crisp said, “We are aware that we have some water issues.  We are currently working on a major project.  We can’t start at everybody’s house.  We had to pick a spot to start.  We’re going to be starting in the southeast part of town.”

Sample of water from Northview Dr. area of Dell Rapids

Sample of water from Northview Dr. area of Dell Rapids

Residents in the area of Northview Dr had similar water issues prior to the new water line replacement project in that area.  It was noted during the meeting that residents in that area installed water-filter systems and that helped the water issue a little.  It was suggested that a similar short-term solution could be done in this instance until a water line  replacement could be done.

“I just don’t know what else to say at the moment.  We are aware of it.  We’re sorry, we apologize, whatever I can say to you.  We know we have some situations around town, and we are dealing with it.  It’s going to be extensive project,” Crisp said.

Weiland also said during the discussion that the Sunset Dr area has the same vintage cast iron water line pipes and are about the same age as the ones that were replaced in the Northview Dr area.

No action was taken on this visitor discussion item during the meeting.

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City Water Customers Receive Notice

DellRapidsTowerThe city of Dell Rapids sent a letter to water customers after receiving a violation notice from the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).  The violation came after a positive test for coliform bacteria in January.  The city is normally required to submit four drinking water samples per month to be analyzed for coliform bacteria and chlorine residual levels.  However, the month following a positive same, it is necessary for five samples to be submitted to the state, and the city only submitted four samples in February.  Due to only sending four samples in February, the city was required to send the letter informing the customers of the mistake in testing.

This mistake was brought to the Dell Rapids City Council’s attention during their regular meeting on Monday, March 21st.  During the meeting it was noted that the city’s Public Works Department has set measures in place to make sure this oversight doesn’t happen again.  The letter sent to customers also noted that the four samples that were submitted in the month of February were negative for coliform bacteria and were within limits for chlorine residuals.  The letter also said that all indication is that there is no harmful bacteria in the city water system.

For additional information, customers can contact Justin Weiland at City Hall at 605-428-3595.

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Bacteria Found in Water Not a Health Risk

DellRapidsTowerDell Rapids drinking water recently had two test sites that tested positive for coliform bacteria for the month of October.  City Administrator Justin Weiland discussed the finding with members of the Dell Rapids City Council during their regular meeting on Monday, October 19th.  A letter was also sent out to residents explaining the findings.

The letter stated that coliform bacteria are generally not harmful themselves and that this was not an emergency.  Coliform bacteria is used more as an indicator that other, potentially harmful, bacteria may be present in the water.  When Dell Rapids received reports of coliform bacteria numbers being higher than standard for two of the test sites, the city did follow-up testing to determine if other bacteria that was of a greater concern was present in the water.  The additional testing did not find any of those bacteria.

The letter also stated that city employees immediately flushed the water lines following the positive tests.  More testing was completed after the flushing was completed.  The results from those tests came back negative for coliform.  According to the letter, all indicators point to no bacteria in the water, but the city plans to continue testing and monitoring the area that had the failed tests to be certain the bacteria is fully removed.

The area that had the failed tests was in the area of the new water main replacement project.  The new lines were tested for bacteria before the lines were connected, but it is believed that loose debris entered the pipe during the connecting of the lines causing the failed tests.

Residents are encouraged to still contact City Hall for additional information at 428-3595.

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Northview Dr/11th St/10th St Project Nearing Completion

NorthviewDrWaterProject-2015The Northview Dr/11th St/1oth St project to replace the water line and sewer line is nearing completion.  That report came from City Administrator Justin Weiland during the city council’s regular meeting on Tuesday, September 8th.  Weiland reported that at the time of the meeting all the asphalt had been completed and curb and gutter was installed the prior week.

Weiland mentioned that walk-thru inspections were going to be taking place during the next week to put together a final list of items that needed to be done prior to the final sign off of the project.  Some of those items might include back-filling and re-seeding boulevards that may have been dug up during the course of the project.

Weiland also said, “We’ve had several compliments of clearness of water up and down the project.”

Trent Bruce of DGR told the council, “We anticipate the project cost is going to come in real close to the budget.”

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Northview Dr/11th St Water Main Decision Made

During the Dell Rapids City Council regular meeting on Monday, April 7th, the Dell Rapids City Council made the decision not to replace the water main line on Northview Dr. and 11th St. in 2014.  This decision came at the recommendation of a committee that has been monitoring the situation since the beginning of the year.  The committee met the week of March 31st and made the following recommendation:

  • the city continue to monitor the lines and flush throughout the summer and fall months
  • the Northview Dr./11th St water mine line not be replaced in 2014
  • place this water main line on the list for replacement and make the determination on the priority of this line’s replacement date during the Capital Improvement Planning process
  • end the reduced water rates that have been in place for the past couple of months.

As the weather has warmed over the past month, the city has been flushing the lines every 7-14 days when the weather is good for flushing.

Mayor Scott Fiegen said, “I was told the water is now clear and has been for two weeks.  Is that still the case or is that not the case?”

City Administrator Justin Weiland responded, “It has been clear…I know when the guys are flushing, it’s been clear faster and takes a very short period of time to flush those hydrants out before the water is clear.”

Dell Rapids resident Kellee Miles, who was in attendance during the council meeting, shared that the water has been clear.

Currently all the valves are open.

The water main discussion begins at the 3:30 mark and ends at the 8:57 mark of the archived video named DR City Council 4-7-14.

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Two Nuisance Chemicals Found in Water

During the regular City Council meeting held on Monday, February 3rd, the committee in charge of monitoring the water situation on Northview Dr. gave a report on the findings from water sampling.  Those tests found elevated levels of iron and manganese in the water.  While the levels were elevated, they were determined to not be detrimental to health if the water was consumed.  Residents of the area expressed their concerns and thoughts about the water issues, and after additional discussions, a motion was made by councilman Lee Burggraff to waive the water bill for those residents on Northview Dr. until a decision is made on how to fix the problem.  Councilman David Sommerfeld abstained from the vote.  The motion passed with nay votes being cast by councilmen Craig Lauritzen and Chad Andrews.

Also during the discussions, a decisions was made to continue to monitor the water situation.  The committee learned that valves were turned off in the area just a week prior to the council meeting that seems to be helping a little.  The plan is to let the water continue to settle through the month of February, and then see how the water quality is at the end of month, with the potential of more intense flushing occurring during the early spring time.

The full discussion can be viewed on the archived council meeting video (City Council Meeting 2-3-14) on http://bigsiouxmedia.com/webcasts page.  The Northview Dr water issue discussion starts around the 15:50 mark of the video.

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Dell Rapids Water Issue Report

Sample of water from Northview Dr. area of Dell Rapids

Dell Rapids Mayor Scott Fiegen appointed a committee of council members Gary Haak, Craig Lauritzen, and Chad Andrews to address the issues and concerns of the water issues in Dell Rapids during the City Council’s meeting on Monday, January 6th.  Andrews presented the committee’s first report to the council during the regular City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 21st.  Andrews reported that the committee is still waiting for sampling results to determine what the issues are.  He stated, “We know there is iron in the water, but don’t much more right now.”

Andrews brought to the council an option for solution, but also said, “As soon as the samples come back, we should be able to get a plan of action started.”

The full discussion of the water issue can be found on the archived video of the City Council meeting from January 21st.

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Water Quality Issues in Parts of Dell Rapids

Sample of water from Northview Dr. area of Dell Rapids

Sample of water from Northview Dr. area of Dell Rapids

Some areas of Dell Rapids have reported water quality issues since the new water lines were put in with the 15th Street project.  President David Sommerfeld presented water samples from the Northview Dr area from 13th St to 11th St looped around to Garfield Ave.  City Administrator Justin Weiland also reported to the city council that issues have been reported along 10th St.  Weiland mentioned during the discussions that the city has done multiple flushings of the line to try to alleviate the problem, but the flushing only clears the problem up for a short time.  A valve has also been shut off on the north side of 13th St. and Northview Dr.

Sommerfeld recommended the city council consider making it a priority to replace the old cast iron water lines in that part of Dell Rapids to fix the issue.  By the end of the discussion, the council came to a decision to have DGR Engineering continue to research the cause of the water quality problem and provide a cost estimate to the council of any possible fixes.

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