Hailey Steele Comes to Dell Rapids

Connections_9-12-18_1Nashville recording artist Hailey Steele spent the day in Dell Rapids on Wednesday, September 12th.  Steele was brought to Dell Rapids by the Dell Rapids Connections group.  Steele spent time during the day at the schools talking with students about treating others with kindness, believing in your dreams and working hard at them.

Steele then preformed an evening concert at the Dell Rapids City Park later in the evening.  The Connections group provided a meal for the community at 6:00 p.m. with the concert starting about 6:30 p.m.  Hundreds of people of all ages gathered at the park for a great evening of food and music.



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Revive Fitness Holds 4th Annual 5k Event

Revive5k_2018_1On a beautiful Saturday morning at the Dell Rapids City Park, Revive Fitness held their 4th Annual Revive & Connections Family Fun Event on August 25th.  The day was full of great weather and lots of fun.  The event consisted of a 5k, 10k, one mile fun run, kid’s relay, bounce houses, and more.  The Farmer’s Market also set up at the city park during the event.

Prior to the start of the races, Revive Fitness owner Brittani Bollock and her husband Lee were recognized for the work they do for this event.  They plan this event every year with all of the proceeds going to the Dell Rapids Connections group.  The money raised from this event help provide the Connections group with enough funds to plan different events through the year.  Some of the more recent events that have been held are a social media awareness event, Bobby Bugatti, and a mental health presentation.



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Dell Rapids Connections Sponsors Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Presentation

ConnectionsSuicidePreventionThe Dell Rapids Connections group continued work started by a Dell Rapids student early this year.  The group sponsored a mental health and suicide prevention presentation on Monday, November 20th.  The presentation included two speakers.  Angela Drake from Tea and Tod Lacey from Dell Rapids both spoke during the “Talk Saves Lives” presentation.  Both speakers are parents who have lost a child to suicide.

The presentation was held for students and parents throughout the day.  Students saw the presentation in the afternoon during their school day.  Parents were invited to a supper meal provided by the Dell Rapids Connections group and heard the presentation Monday evening at the Dell Rapids Middle School commons area.

The Dell Rapids Connections group sponsored the event in an effort to continue the work started by Sydney LaCoursiere.  LaCoursiere put together an event in October during the Dell Rapids vs Flandreau football game.  A total of 112 luminary bags were placed around the football field and fans attending the game were given a flier that talked about mental heath issues.  Her desire to get awareness out to the public is due the number of suicides the Dell Rapids community has faced over the last 10 years.

Parents can find more information and resources at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website.

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Revive Fitness Gives Big to Dell Rapids Connections

2016revivedonationBrittani and Lee Bollock and Revive Fitness have outdone themselves with another generous donation to the Dell Rapids Connections group.  The Bollocks presented a check to the Connections group during the Bobby Bugattii Jones concert at City Park on Wednesday, September 14th.  The check donated to Connections was $6,000.  The funds donated were raised during the 2nd Annual Revive & Connections Family Fun Event that was held on Saturday, August 27th.  That event consisted of a 5k, 10k, one mile fun run, kids relay, raffles, bounce house, fire truck, ambulance, live music, games, and crafts.

With the generous donation, the Dell Rapids Connections group is looking at bringing in more events like the Bobby Jones event that was just held.

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Bobby Bugattii Jones Shares in Dell Rapids

bobbyjones_1Bobby Bugattii Jones shared his message with students at both Dell Rapids and Dell Rapids St Mary schools on Wednesday, September 14th.  Jones spoke to students at St Mary High School at an assembly and then spoke to students at Dell Rapids High School later in the afternoon.  The assembly at both schools was for students in 7th – 12th grade.

A native of Yankton, SD and former football player at Michigan State University, Jones shared his testimony to the students.  Jones fell into the world of alcohol addiction after falling short of his NFL dream.  In 2012 Jones found Christ after nine months in recovery and found a new purpose for his life.  Now bobbyjones_2Jones is a speaker, singer, songwriter and performer.  He shares his story of faith to motivate youth to make right choices for their future.

The Dell Rapids Connection group sponsored both assemblies.  Dell Rapids Connections also held a free picnic cookout at the park at 6:30, with Jones performing at the band shell at 7:30.


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2nd Annual Revive & Connections Family Event

2ndAnnualRevive5k_5On an almost perfect Saturday morning in Dell Rapids, the 2nd Annual Revive & Connections Family Fun Event was held at Dell Rapids City Park on Saturday, August 27th.  The event consisted of a 5k, 10k, one mile fun run, kids relay, raffles, bounce house, fire truck, ambulance, live music, games, and crafts.  The Farmer’s Market also set up in the park during the event.


Revive Fitness owner Brittani Bollock said, “It had a great turnout, and I am so thankful for people who are so involved in the community and support so much!”

Bollock will donate all of the proceeds from the event to the Dell Rapids Connections group.

Bollock, her staff, and all the volunteers put on another great event for the community of Dell Rapids!!


The winners of the 10k and 5k divisions were:

OVERALL WOMAN:   Summer Schultz (overall everyone & 40-49 woman)
OVERALL MAN:   Travis Ahlers (30-39)
20-29:   Elizabeth Johnston (F)
30-39:   Amanda McMillan (F)   Travis Ahlers (M)
40-49:   Summer Schultz (F)     Terry Pederson (M)
50+:    Lisa Schroeder (F)
OVERALL WOMAN:   Kirsten Church (20-29)
OVERALL MAN:   Kyle Finn (overall everyone & 20-29)
0-19:   Elaina Haugaard (F)    Joshua Fletcher   (M)
20-29:   Kirsten Church (F)   Kyle Finn (M)
30-39:   Heidi Thoreson (F)    Jeff Thoreson (M)
40-49:   Shauna Hoglund (F)   Will Boever  (M)
50+:   Lisa Schroeder (F)   Dennis Erkfritz   (M)
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Dell Rapids Connections to Host Social Media Night for Parents

SocialMediaThe Dell Rapids Connections group will be hosting a Social Media Night for parents in the Dell Rapids community on Tuesday, March 29.  The event will be held in the Dell Rapids Middle School commons starting at 6:30.  Included in the event will be a presentation by DCI Special Agent Troy Boone and Minnehaha County Detective Derek Kuchenreuther regarding social media use and abuse and what parents can do to keep their children safe in the cyber world.  This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion including representatives from Carroll Institute, The New Colossus, Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department and local schools.

This event is free to the public and light refreshments will be served.  For more information, please contact DRMS counselor Kate Telkamp at kate.telkamp@k12.sd.us or by phone at 428-5473.

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Revive Fitness Presents Donation to Dell Rapids Connections

Revive Fitness presented the Dell Rapids Connections group with a $3,000 donation on Thursday, January 21st, during halftime of the Dell Rapids Quarriers vs Madison Bulldogs boys basketball game.  The money donated was raised as part of the Revive You 5k + Family Fun Run held on Saturday, September 19th.

“My goal is to raise awareness for a group of people who give back and help the whole community in not only day-to-day living, but are also a major role in crisis situations,” said owner of Revive Fitness Brittani Bollock.

ReviveFitnessConnectionDonationBollock said that last fall when Revive Fitness was celebrating their one-year anniversary, they started searching for a local group to pay forward all the love and generosity that they have received from the community.

“As far as Revive and my family, we are, and continue to be, humbled and amazed by the support of our community and the surrounding area,” Bollock said.

When Connections came to mind, Bollock said that they didn’t have a second thought on where they were going to give back.  “Not only is the mission they stand for all we believe in, but the people who make up this group are second to none. They are also some of the first people in line to give of themselves and their time to better the lives of the community. When we opened Revive, our goal was to not only help better the lives of our members, but to give back and be involved in our community. Having grown up here and graduated from St. Mary’s, we feel a deep connection with the amazing people of the community and anytime there is an opportunity to give back, we do,” Bollock added.

Dell Rapids Connections will use the funds to help bring activities to Dell Rapids over the next year.

Dr Summer Schultz, superintendent of Dell Rapids High School, said, “We’ve had student groups attend our (Connections) meetings to let us know areas they think would be beneficial to bring in.  We are also lucky enough to have so many different specialties in our group that we get a feel for the information that parents and kids may find useful.  Some of the programming or resources we bring in are ‘uncomfortable’ topics or unknowns that parents, churches and school staff can benefit from learning about.”

Some of the events that have taken place or are planned for the upcoming year by Dell Rapids Connections include Challenge Day, Leadership in Times of Crisis (Connections and community leadership will participate in this event), Texting and Driving assembly for students at both Dell Rapids and Dell Rapids St Mary schools, Social Media Parent Presentation, and new Colossus Training for Dell Rapids and Dell Rapids St Mary staff.

Revive Fitness is hosting another event to help raise funds for Dell Rapids Connections.  They will be hosting a Revive Game On Challenge over the next eight weeks for members and anyone else in the community who would like to join.  Everyone who has placed a wager on themselves will either receive a wager back or Revive Fitness will donate the funds to Connections.  Anyone interested in joining the event or contributing to the organization can contact Bollock at 605-951-8540.

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Distracted Driving Assembly Held at Dell Rapids Schools

DistractedDrivingAssemblyStudents at Dell Rapids and Dell Rapids St Mary took part in student assemblies on Thursday, December 17th, on distracted driving.  Students in grades 7-12 at Dell Rapids had their assembly at 1:00 p.m., while the students at Dell Rapids St Mary had their assembly at 2:30.  The assembly was a powerful message on distracted driving organized by the Dell Rapids Connections group.  The presenters of the assembly lost their son in a distracted-driving accident, and they speak at school in an effort to stop all students and adults from texting and driving.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2013, 3,154 people were killed, and an estimated 424,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver.  Also according to the NHTSA, sending or receiving a text message takes a driver’s eyes from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, the equivalent of driving the length of an entire football field blind at 55 mph.

Students and parents were able to sign pledges to never text and drive during the basketball double-header at Dell Rapids High School against Tea Area on Friday, December 18th.  Important information and statistics were also handed out at the ball games.

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Your Kids and Social Media Event

The Dell Rapids Connections for a Healthy Community group presented a live webcast event “Your Kids and Social Media: What You Need to Know” on Tuesday, April 8th, at the Dell Rapids Elementary School.  The seminar was hosted by Avera and the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation.  The event was a forum on the types of social media children are using today.  The presentation featured guest speakers South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley, South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Brent Gromer, Dr. Shari Eich – Pediatrician at Avera Medical Group Pediatrics, Lezlee Greguson-Lund, PhD, LP – Educational Psychologist with Avera Medial Group Midwest Psychiatric, and Paul Ten Haken – ClickRain President and Chief Online Strategist.

The full event can be seen in the archive video section on Big Sioux Media on the Webcasts page, or can be seen by clicking here.  The opening remarks for the event start at the 7:00 mark of the video.


L to R:  Paul Ten Haken, Marty Jackley, Brent Gromer, Lezlee Greguson-Lund, Dr. Shari Eich

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