Local Best Athlete of the Week

Local Best Athlete of the Week nominees – Returning Fall of 2018!

We will have two winners each week…one from Dell Rapids and one from Dell Rapids St Mary.  Be sure to vote in each poll for this week’s Local Best Athlete of the Week!!

Dell Rapids St Mary Nominees:

  • Returning Fall of 2018! 
  • Coming Soon: 
  • Coming Soon: 

Dell Rapids Nominees:

  • Returning Fall of 2018!: 
  • Coming Soon: 
  • Coming Soon: 

Big Sioux Media has teamed up with The Local Best to bring you “The Local Best Athlete of the Week”!

Each week you’ll be able to vote who you think deserves to be The Local Best Athlete of the Week.  Our nominees span all ages so that every local athlete has the opportunity to be nominated and win!  If you have an athlete nominee, please email us at admin@bigsiouxmedia.com

Voting will run all day Monday until Friday evening each week.  The winner will be announced the following Monday!  The winner will receive a Local Best Athlete of the Week T-shirt!!

**Limit one win per athlete per sports season (spring, summer, fall, winter)**

2018 Spring Winners

  • Camden Tebay
  • Shaylee Hoff**
  • Ella Griffin
  • Hannah Heiberger
  • Maddie Schwebach
  • Kaitlyn Greenhoff
  • Ella Heinitz
  • Hannah VanOverbeke
  • Addy Gilbert **
  • Elijah Story **
2017-2018 Fall Winners
2017-2018 Winter Winners
  • Jacob Vogel
  • Brooke Klein
  • Adyn Heinricy
  • Hannah Fletcher
  • Catherine Vogel
  • Sydney LaCoursiere
  • Eli Longville
  • Josh Heinemann
  • Cassy Geraets
  • Carson Rentz
  • Weston Geraets
  • Kyra Wajer
  • Thomas Eining
  • Trinity Gordon
  • Ethan Geraets
  • Seth Spielmann
  • Ella Heinitz
  • Matt Gillogly
  • Maddie Schwebach
  • Jayda Knuppe
  • Jacob Vogel
  • Zach McKee
  • Max Herber
  • Trevon Cross
  • Clare Klein
  • Emma Paul
  • Luke Brown
  • Jeffrey Schuch
  • Ella Heinitz
  • Arial Hoffman
  • Connor Libis
  • Jayda Knuppe
  • Cooks
  • Carson Rentz
  • Drew Wood
  • Mason Schmidt
  • Maddie Schwebach
  • Ben Cavigielli
  • Weston Geraets
  • Sydney Stofferahn
  • Cassy Geraets
  • Kaylee Hennen
  • Cassie Mullaney
  • Gage Carr