Dells Nursing and Rehab Center

 Dells Nursing and Rehab Center 2

1400 Thresher Dr.
Dell Rapids, SD 57022


  • “To Care for Our Residents, Our Staff and Our Community with a Strong Home-Like Health Care Center”

Dells Nursing & Rehab Center Values:

  • Teamwork – all staff working together towards a common goal
  • Compassion – DNRC strives to be aware of any stress, whether physical or mental, that our residents may be suffering and offer to comfort them
  • Accountability – taking responsibility for the needs of our residents
  • Integrity – Having pride in oneself and responsibility to our residents
  • Professionalism – To dress, act & conduct oneself in a professional manner
  • Commitment – to be a team player with the purpose to do the best of one’s ability for the cause of the facility and its residents
  • Respect – having or giving full worth or value to an individual

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