Water Issue Brought to Council Again

DellRapidsTowerThe quality of the Dell Rapids city water was brought to the council’s attention again during their regular meeting on Monday, November 6th.  A Dell Rapids residentbrought concerns of water being a rust color and full of iron to the meeting.

“After five different times of draining a 60-gallon water heater, I finally have clear water.  That water heater’s only been in there since 2005.  There’s no reason I should have that much rust piled in the bottom of that thing…absolutely not,” she said.

She also mentioned that other houses in the Sunset Dr and 5th Ave area have the same water quality issues.

“Sunset has had an issue with that water line the last two years,” mentioned City Administrator Justin Weiland.

Councilman Mark Crisp said, “We are aware that we have some water issues.  We are currently working on a major project.  We can’t start at everybody’s house.  We had to pick a spot to start.  We’re going to be starting in the southeast part of town.”

Sample of water from Northview Dr. area of Dell Rapids

Sample of water from Northview Dr. area of Dell Rapids

Residents in the area of Northview Dr had similar water issues prior to the new water line replacement project in that area.  It was noted during the meeting that residents in that area installed water-filter systems and that helped the water issue a little.  It was suggested that a similar short-term solution could be done in this instance until a water line  replacement could be done.

“I just don’t know what else to say at the moment.  We are aware of it.  We’re sorry, we apologize, whatever I can say to you.  We know we have some situations around town, and we are dealing with it.  It’s going to be extensive project,” Crisp said.

Weiland also said during the discussion that the Sunset Dr area has the same vintage cast iron water line pipes and are about the same age as the ones that were replaced in the Northview Dr area.

No action was taken on this visitor discussion item during the meeting.

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