Water Main Break in Dell Rapids

WaterMainBreakA water main broke over the weekend of September 16th and 17th near the downtown area in Dell Rapids.  The exact location of the break was around 3rd St and Orleans Ave.  During the cleanup and investigation of the break, bad conditions to the service line seem to be the reason for the break.

City crews worked throughout the days on Sunday and Monday to repair the break in the water line.

City Administrator Justin Weiland said during the Dell Rapids City Council regular meeting on Monday, September 18th that the break was unfortunate, and it was bad timing for everybody.

During the council meeting, it was reported that an estimated 200,000 gallons of water was lost in the break.

“I want to thank the guys for working on a beautiful Sunday day to get that break done,” said Councilman James Borchert.

Dell Rapids Mayor Tom Earley said, “We appreciate the work that they’ve done.”

Because of the break, the Dells Theater was left without water.  It was also reported during the council meeting that there could have been troubles trying to replace the line and tie it back into what was still existing.  Arrangements were made between GoldenWest and the Dells Theater to be able to have the Dells Theater be able to tie into the new service lines that were stubbed during the 4th Street project which is now in the empty lot between GoldenWest and the theater that GoldenWest owns.

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