Practicing Gratitude and Thankfulness

drseth Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.23.03 AMBy Brittani Bollock and Seth Severtson
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Mark Twain once said “comparison is the destroyer of joy.” Most of us live our lives where food is abundant, big screens are common, and everyone has a mini-computer in their pocket.  Yet we find ourselves shackled with anxiety, depression, poor health, and discontentment.  We are continually surrounded by blessings yet our materialistic and consumer driven culture has taken our joy. All too often people compare themselves with others instead of focusing on being thankful. Social media perpetuates this comparison as people post their curated lives and on lookers compare themselves. Guilt, depression, and anxiety are the result. Comparison will ultimately rob your presence, your power, and your joy. What if there was a simple, effective, and proven method for restoring our joy?  What if there were a way to restore power, wisdom, and creativity to our lives? What if that method impacted your soul, your physical and mental health? The solution is simply being grateful. In a busy society this timeless solution restores joy.

Practicing gratitude and thankfulness for the blessings that surround us every hour of every day will unlock our power to choose happiness and restore our joy. This solution is too easy and too basic for most of us to believe.  In fact it is so old it is new again. This simple answer cuts through the complexity of modern culture. Studies have shown a link between this positive emotion and: better heart health, better immune system, better sleep, better relationships, and better emotional health. In the bible Philippians 4:6-8 tells us to not be anxious… rather with thanksgiving in our hearts to pray to the Lord. It tells us to focus our hearts and minds on what is noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and whatever is praiseworthy. Focus, pray, choose to be thankful. It all sounds so easy! It is and it’s also easy to ignore. When we forget to be grateful in each moment, we lose. We lose presence in the moment and our heart is suppressed. We lose the power to be happy and to love fully. We lose the power to be healthy in our body, mind and spirit. When we lose, we become anxious about what will be instead of thankful for what is. We are blinded from God’s divine love, wisdom, and design for us.

What can you do?

  • Journal:  Take time each day to write a sentence or two about what you are most thankful for.
  • Pray:  We are wired to focus and connect with our creator. He promises that if will be grateful and come to Him… He will give us peace.
  • Focus:  Be intentional about finding reasons to be thankful. Small things. Large things. People. Relationships. Experiences. You have so many!
  • Remind:  Set up simple reminders to help you focus. Maybe it’s a blue sticky note around the house. Every time you see it you take a second to think of something you are grateful for. Maybe it is a rubber band on your wrist. A certain time of every day. Every time you hear your kids laughing. Pick something to help you.
  • Choose:  Nothing just happens. You have to practice and make a choice. Whether you are saving money, getting healthy, working on your relationship, studying hard for a degree, waking up early to pray, or being grateful.. nothing just happens. Make this simple and effective choice to be grateful

Practicing these suggestions will make gratefulness a habit. When it becomes a habit it will change your health and impact your life. Life is good… be thankful for it.

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Local Chiropractor Celebrates 5 Years in Dell Rapids

SevertsonSevertson Spinal Care of Dell Rapids opened five years ago this November. Dr. Seth Severtson, a Valley Springs, SD, native says his family has roots in Dell Rapids. His grandfather worked on the Randall Farm and his father attened Dell Rapids elementary. His family has enjoyed their time here. “It has been a great 5 years,” Severtson says. “We’ve met some amazing people and have been blessed to be a part of so many ‘miracles.’ We really enjoy serving this community.”

A previous Chamber of Commerce board member, Severtson encourages community involvement.  “We like to be involved. I love to speak, so I’ve presented for several groups in town. We like to sponsor a youth baseball team. We like to be involved with Quarry Days. I think doing those things are just part of small town community,” said Severtson.  A former FFA member, he also is involved in local and district level FFA events. While there are many areas to be involved with, Severtson says his church is the main focus. “We came to Dell Rapids because of RCC (River Community Church). We love it there. I’m an elder, and my wife is on the children’s team. They even let me preach from time to time.” Severtson doesn’t just serve in Dell Rapids. He also does pulpit supply to other churches on an as-needed basis.

Severtson says that his practice continues to grow as does the area that he serves.   He states, “We love taking care of people in Dell Rapids and the surrounding towns; yet, many of our patients come from out of town, such as Madison, Howard, Brookings, Watertown, Sioux Falls, to name a few. It’s been great to take care of people all over Eastern South Dakota.” Severtson even serves patients from as far away as Northwest Iowa, Rapid City and Winnipeg, Canada.

Although as a chiropractor he doesn’t treat illness or disease, there are specific cases he likes to take care of. Severtson says, “I used to suffer from migraines. So I really like to take care of people suffering with headaches or migraines. But honestly, any way we can help with quality-of-life and help people get their life back on track is why we are here. Some of my favorite patient success testimonials are from those suffering with headaches, women with painful cycles, infertility, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and chronic dizziness. We even have people that have regained hearing and sense of smell. It’s been amazing.”

To learn more about Dr. Severtson’s chiropractic clinic or to schedule a complimentary consultation visit or call 428-4778.

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A Christmas of Hope

As of press time it’s 55 days to Christmas..8 weeks. I’m not trying to jump the gun and forget Thanksgiving. I simply love Christmas! I love what it stands for. I love the time with family. I love the weather, the visiting with people, seeing people shopping, I love the music. All of it! Recently I was driving home from Oklahoma and I was thinking about Christmas and how, for some people, it isn’t fun. Some people will have their headaches. Some people will not enjoy visiting because of their pain. Some will have to leave their relatives house early because of a heath problem. Some are groggy because of the medications. I realized that some people will be sitting there wishing they could have a good time. They will be sitting there thinking about how they are such a fun person to be around and they love to laugh and they love to visit and they love to play games and tickle grandkids but they just aren’t in the mood because of their pain or because of their headaches or because of their medication. Maybe they even used to be a fun loving person but over the last several years that spirit of happiness and that grateful attitude and that positive outlook are all gone. The are a different person now and because of their silent struggle people just assume they are “crabby” all the time…but they don’t want to be. Some of these people even say “I just deal with it” yet their families are the ones who take the brunt of their frustration. I know because that was me. I know because it has been my relatives. I know because I have these conversations all the time at our clinic. I know this happens and it breaks my heart. To think that some people are out there not expressing life because of a problem… A problem that we have great results with. I had a conversation with a guy who really opened up to me about his back pain. He told me “I don’t like to do this,” holding up a beer can, “I drink because it is all that will take my mind off of the pain.” Let me tell you those people struggling are in your family. They are in your neighborhood. You go to church with them, you work with them. They would love to be different and be happy…but they cannot get past their pain. They cannot get past their limitation.

The reason I am having this conversation with you is this; It is 55 days to Christmas. The vast majority of people that come into our clinic get marked improvement in their health or their pain in the first 60 days. Many have relief sooner than that. We, you and I, could give the people you know a Christmas they hope for. We could make this Christmas memorable because for once they didn’t have a headache. They didn’t have back pain. Their arms weren’t numb. They could eat with no acid reflux, for once they were not groggy from the medication. For once their diagnosis didn’t hold them back. They could LIVE! I am asking you to focus on sending those people you know into our clinic for an appointment so we can change their life. I love the scriptures. I love the promise’s. Like these: Isaiah 53 “By His stripes we are healed,” I love Psalm 139, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” I love Matthew 22 “Love God. Love people.” Thats what we do! This is a way we can love people, help them heal and help them live the wonderful life God made them for. I can’t reach everyone. You can help. Please help them get the help they deserve. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it is someone you know. Whatever it is. Call us today 605-428-4778. Together we can change someones life.

God Bless,

Dr. Seth Severtson- Chiropractor

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I don’t believe in germs….

I commonly make the reference that: I don’t believe in germs or I don’t believe in a certain diagnosis or disease.

I’m not trying to be difficult. My reasoning is two-fold:

First – Germs

Dr. Palmer (Founder of chiropractic) said “If the germ theory of disease were true no one would be alive to believe it.” I love that quote!

What he is saying is that it isn’t the germ that make you sick. It is your susceptibility. We already know that; if one person in your house is dealing with flu symptoms, some or none may “get” sick. We say “…well they were immune to the bug.” Or “something is going around.” Why is it that my family rarely catches those things that are going around? My kids are at daycare and eat dirt for a living. I am in a clinic with people all day…yet we seem to manage not “catching” much of anything. Why?

….it isn’t the “bug” that is the problem…it is your immune system which is affected by your spine, your stress levels and what you are eating. In fact many of you have heard of Louis Pastuer, the founder of the “Germ Theory.”


Did you know that simultaneously in history there was a competing view and much controversy surrounding this issue?
The other side of the coin was put forth by Antione Bechamp (and colleague Claude Bernard) He believed that these microorganisms could not produce disease in a healthy host and rather these “germs” were in fact chemical byproducts of the diseased tissue. And he could prove it. And did prove it.

Just like skid marks at an accident didn’t cause the accident. They were the byproduct of the accident.

But his viewpoints was suppressed and today the Germ Theory of sickness rules.

ODDLY ENOUGH….on his deathbed Pastuer recants his germ theory and says;

“Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.”

Imagine how life would be different had his theory won the day!

Finally -Disease and diagnosis: We spend BILLIONS of dollars to name a disease. MRI’s, blood work, lab tests, scans, images….all to name something. Think about that. We justify it with “well if we don’t know what it is we cannot treat it” or “lets rule it out.” Fair enough –  but naming it changes nothing because medicine will do nothing to treat the cause…only manage the symptoms. It’s not their fault. 75% of disease is lifestyle and you cannot medicate your way out of something you lived your way into. Makes no sense.

We spend tons of money to rule something out” but the elephant in the room that no one addresses is maybe we need to RULE IN the idea that people make bad lifestyle choices and we need to change that first. Healthcare Reform won’t come from the government down. We will not make more people healthy by someone else paying for their bad choices. It will come from people reforming their lives…

Hans Selye M.D. is known as the “Father of Stress” was sitting in diagnosis class in Med school one day. While teacher presented a case study of a patient with xyz symptoms, Selye was daydreaming. His teacher noticed this and called on him, “Selye! What is wrong with this patient?” Selye responded…”He’s sick..”

Genius. He developed the “syndrome of just being sick” which later became the General Adaptation Syndrome. Which basically says your body is attempting to adapt to an unhealthy stressful environment in the best way it knows how. Those things called “symptoms” are not the problem, instead they are your body intelligently adapting to what you have done to it. To treat the symptoms is to literally takes away your body’s ability to fight. It is tying your own hands behind your back in a fight…

The goal then is not to manage the symptoms but rather to correct the pathological environment that allows germs to live and your body to be stressed and sick..

Thats what we do at our clinic. We adjust subluxations in the spine and we give lifestyle advice. Not to manage symptoms and sickness but to improve your body’s chance of being healthy. Just like going to the gym, eating broccoli and drinking water and getting adjusted. You do those things always for the rest of your life to PROMOTE health not to fight a certain symptom.

Consider this last quote from a colleague as we close:

Subluxation equals susceptibility.

Point being, when a child is subluxated they are more likely to suffer from ear infections, autism and ADHD, gluten and dairy intolerance, vaccine injury, allergies and asthma, etc. When an athlete is subluxated they are more likely to suffer and injury or poor performance. When an adult is subluxated they are more likely to experience pain and headache, depression and anxiety, gut and immune issues…

When anyone is subluxated the stress of day to day living (thoughts, traumas, toxins) become more obtrusive and obstructive, because their ability to adapt and overcome is limited.

Bottom line….you need to get your spine checked regularly to maintain optimal function.

Join our mission of getting sick people well and helping healthy people stay that way!

We look forward to adjusting you, your family and your friends soon. Come on in!

Dr. Seth – Chiropractor

Severtson Spinal Care
513 W 4th St.
Dell Rapids, SD 57022
(605) 428-4778

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Nothing is more exciting in healthcare than miracles stories. I get spoiled because I get to hear them on a daily basis. With the permission of patients I have compiled their stories.

Bedwetting and celiac sprue
I had met them a week or so before when the mom was sharing her daughters health struggles. She had been to numerous chiropractors and medics. I explained how we were different and what we did. She said she would give me a call sometime. Unfortunately not everyone believes me when I tell them what I do and the results we see so I really didn’t think I would see her again. But I did. About a week later she brought her daughter in. We were sitting in the consultation room going over her health history I couldn’t help but notice the “soft clues” doctors are supposed to be paying attention to. I would ask questions and mom would answer. But it was the way mom would answer. She would look over at the little girl when she told me how these issues were affecting her life. She would relay where they had been and what had been done and what labels were attached to the little girl. The little girl stared at the floor most of the time having been through this sort of setting time and time before. She had been to numerous doctors with nothing more than symptom management. On too many medications with too many labels attached to her it had taken its toll on her self esteem.  The concern had started to affect her ability to stay over with friends, affected her growth and affected the size of clothes she wore. 3T at age 10. This had been going on “forever” and now the bedwetting had caused her to wear the equivalent of diapers at night. It was those subtle phrases, comments and expressions that told “the rest of the story.” As a physician you hear things like that and a tuning fork goes off in your heart. It strikes a chord, if you will. You know what simply seems to be physiologic reactions found in a text book are beginning to affect the way this child is experiencing life. It is that life experience that I am focused on. Not the symptoms. The expression of life is why I do what I do. It is why I became a chiropractor.

As we finished visiting about the past I told them how we deal with the present. In the office I don’t treat symptoms, which can be misleading. I look for imbalances. I look for the cause of the problem. I could not guarantee anything, however, if there was a problem in her spine linked to the problems she was having then she would likely have good results in the future. We did our analysis, took very specific upper cervical (the top of the neck) x-rays. We determined that her misalignment was likely affecting sleep patterns and nervous system tone. This was not allowing her to wake up at the urge to use the bathroom. It was just a theory based on the analysis. We would soon find out.

We made a correction to her Atlas vertebrae, took specific post films and determined that the misalignment had gotten better. However the misalignment appeared unstable and some follow up care and another picture would be needed to help her stabilize. The adjustment is underwhelming to say the least. No noise, no fast movements; simply gentle, specific, controlled pressure behind the ear. When they left I explained some home care and told them to check back in a few days.

I will never forget the next visit.

The smile she gave me when mom proudly announced she was dry for the first time was worth the price of admission. Follow up a year later the little girl is still doing good  staying dry and and getting better. Oh and she is able to gain weight and come off of her medications.

If you have questions for the doctor or would like help or a consultation contact Severtson Spinal Care at (605) 428-4778 or visit us at

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