Local Rodeo Athlete To Continue Career At Mitchell Tech

Cheyenne with her horse, Rudy.  Rudy is 21 years old.  Cheyenne along with her brother, Sutton, have trained the horse for rodeo after being given to them by their father. (Photo submitted by Roxie Adams)

Cheyenne with her horse, Rudy. Rudy is 21 years old. Cheyenne along with her brother, Sutton, have trained the horse for rodeo after being given to them by their father. (Photo submitted by Roxie Adams)

Local rodeo athlete Cheyenne Adams placed eighth at the South Dakota High School Rodeo Association Finals this past June in Belle Fourche, South Dakota.  Including Adams there were 80 athletes competing in the breakaway roping category. 

Adams was also able to collect three scholarships for college based on her performance and academics.  Adams will be attending Mitchell Tech in the fall where she will continue with rodeo along with her older brother, Sutton Adams.  C. Adams will be majoring in Animal Science at MTI.   

“My dreams are to work with animals. It’s a given that I love horses, but I also really like cattle. Someday I want to live in western South Dakota with cattle of my own,” C. Adams said.  “I’m not sure as of now what specific career I want to hold, but I do find animal nutrition interesting.”

Adams has been active in the rodeo since the sixth grade. 

“I enjoy rodeo most for a couple reasons.  The friendships I have made through rodeo are by far my favorite.  You meet so many other kids/adults from all over, and you share a hobby and so much in common which I think helps to keep those friendships. Unlike many friendships in high school that may fade away as you go to college and grow apart from each other, rodeo friends seem to be more your lifelong friends. I also really like the fact that in the sport of rodeo everyone is your competitor. You don’t have to rely on others to do their part. You’re also friends with every one of your competitors, and everyone cheers each other on. No one really hates another person for beating them. From parents to other competitors, anyone and everyone is willing to help you in any way that you may need, from letting you use their horse to something as simple as helping you get set just perfectly to make a run in the arena. In rodeo everyone is one big family, and I really like that. Also, there aren’t many sports out there that take the time to pray before a performance, but in rodeo, along with the national anthem, we all pray before every single rodeo no matter where you go,” C. Adams stated.  “I’ve probably been in 200 or so rodeos.  I have numerous top four winnings from coats, tack, horse supplies and monetary winnings.  However, I have only won six buckles.”

When C. Adams was asked what she would have to say to the younger kids looking to get involved with the rodeo, she was very passionate about her answer. 

“Definitely worth the try! I guarantee you’ll love it. It’s one of the most humbling sports, and it’s going to teach you many life lessons. Rodeo takes a lot of hard work and effort. You have to make time for it like all other sports, and you have to be willing to put in all the hard work to really succeed,” C. Adams stated.  “It’s not a cheap sport, so make sure it’s what you really want to do. I encourage everyone with an interest in horses and rodeo to try it! Each day the sport of rodeo is threatened by those who don’t understand the sport and are trying to take it away from us. The more people involved and educated on the sport and all of the care we give to the animals the better. It’s life changing, and like I said before, rodeo gives you your lifelong friends.”

Roxie Adams, C. Adams’ mother, has nothing but great things to say about her kids being active in rodeo. 

“As a parent what I love about rodeo is the many lessons it has taught our children, from the responsibility of taking care of their horses, to having them saddled and ready when it is their turn to compete in the arena, it has also taught our kids how to win and lose graciously and to be humble. Rodeo is a very humbling sport. One weekend everything goes right and you place in or win all your events, and the next weekend nothing goes right. The most important to me is the friendship and respect these kids have for each other. When they are in the arena competing, they are fierce competitors, but outside the arena they are good friends who are willing to help each other do better the next time. We experienced this first hand when our son’s horse had a bad accident while Sutton and Cheyenne were team roping, and his horse broke it’s leg. The love and support given to our kids by the other competitors and their families was overwhelming! Those same kids who were competing against our kids offered up their horses for our son to use so that Sutton and Cheyenne could compete again that night. I truly love these friendships that are made both for the kids and the parents. I know that if our kids ever needed anything, there would be someone who could help them if we weren’t around. This is definitely a sport where the whole family gets involved from helping the practice, to helping at the rodeo, to taking pictures, and cheering them on. We all have enjoyed this sport very much. Both of our kids were able to qualify for State High School Rodeo all through high school. Those rodeos are ones we will always remember and be proud of. This sport, because your main piece of equipment is your horse, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and practice not only for the kids but their horses as well,” R. Adams said.

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Three from Dell Rapids Qualify for State HS Rodeo

2016SDHSRodeoThree local student athletes from Dell Rapids have qualified for the South Dakota High School Rodeo State Finals in hopes of moving on to the National High School Rodeo.

Cheyenne Adams (Dell Rapids High School) qualified for the state rodeo in breakaway roping and team roping.

Tyra Harrington (St Mary High School) qualified for state rodeo in barrel racing and pole bending.

Tana Harrington (St Mary High School) qualified in goat tying and pole bending.

The South Dakota High School State Rodeo Finals will be held in Belle Fourche June 13th through 16th.

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Three from Dell Rapids Headed to State Rodeo Finals

Three rodeo athletes from Dell Rapids qualified for the 2017 South Dakota High School Rodeo Association State Finals.  The state finals will be held on Thursday, June 15th, through Saturday, June 17th, in Belle Fourche.

Tyra Harrington qualified for the state finals in two events. Tyra had the top score in Barrel Racing with 17.00 points and the top score in Pole Bending with 18.00 points at the East 2 Regional in Watertown on June 10th.  Tana Harrington also qualified in Barrel Racing with 8.00 points and Pole Bending with 4.00 points at regionals.  Cheyenne Adams will compete in Team Roping at the state finals after having 6.00 points at regionals.


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Three from Dell Rapids Qualify for State Rodeo

Three rodeo athletes from Dell Rapids qualified for the 2016 South Dakota State High School Rodeo held Wednesday, June 15th through Saturday, June 18th in Belle Fourche.

Sutton Adams (DRHS) qualified in tiedown roping.  S. Adams finished 28th with 16.00 points. Cheyenne Adams (DRHS) qualified in breakaway roping and team roping.  C. Adams finished 104th in team roping with 5.00 points and finished 63rd in breakaway roping with 6.00 points. Kayla Wolles (DRSM) qualified in goat tying and pole bending.  Wolles finished 37th in goat tying with 11.00 points and 49th in pole bending with 9.00 points.


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Congratulations Hannah and Drew Stroschein

The Northern Hills Little Britches Rodeo ran two days at the events center in Rapid City April 18 and 19. There were 144 contestants for each rodeo.  Most of the junior and senior divisions are getting ready for junior and senior high school rodeos – and some of the region’s top young riders are getting into their spring and summer rodeo season.  The rodeos technically are separate on each of the two days with separate winners in each division.

Except for the youngest cowboys and cowgirls in the “Little Wrangler” category, divisions are split into boys and girls junior and senior classes. In the team roping and ribbon roping the teams may be coed.  Even in the Little Wrangler division, times are kept to the thousandth of a second on electronic timing equipment, and placings can be separated by hundredths of a second or less.

Along with trophy type awards, the buckles and bling of traditional rodeo, the riders do win checks to take home, just as in the PRCA but smaller.

Winning in the Junior Girls Division with all around honors: Hannah Stroschein of Dell Rapids.

In the Junior Boys Division in Goat Tying: third place went to Drew Stroschein and in Flag Racing, Drew took first place.



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