Revive Fitness Holds 4th Annual 5k Event

Revive5k_2018_1On a beautiful Saturday morning at the Dell Rapids City Park, Revive Fitness held their 4th Annual Revive & Connections Family Fun Event on August 25th.  The day was full of great weather and lots of fun.  The event consisted of a 5k, 10k, one mile fun run, kid’s relay, bounce houses, and more.  The Farmer’s Market also set up at the city park during the event.

Prior to the start of the races, Revive Fitness owner Brittani Bollock and her husband Lee were recognized for the work they do for this event.  They plan this event every year with all of the proceeds going to the Dell Rapids Connections group.  The money raised from this event help provide the Connections group with enough funds to plan different events through the year.  Some of the more recent events that have been held are a social media awareness event, Bobby Bugatti, and a mental health presentation.



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Revive’s 3rd Annual Family Fun Event Another Big Success

Revive Fitness held their 3rd Annual Revive & Connections Family Fun Event on Saturday, August 26th, at Dell Rapids City Park.  It was another wonderful day full of great weather and lots of fun.  The event consisted of a 5k, 10k, one mile fun run, kid’s relay, raffles, bounce houses, fire truck, ambulance, face painting, and a grilled meal.  The Farmer’s Market was once again set up in the park during the event.


Revive Fitness owner Brittani Bollock said, “It wouldn’t be possible without all the participants and support!! Thank you to all the churches, emergency service groups, Ace, The Farmers Market and other local business vendors!  I also want to give a big thank you to Ross Huska, Mike Hendrickson, and the Auxiliary ladies for grilling and serving lunch!”

Bollock, her staff, and all the volunteers put on another great event for the community of Dell Rapids!!


The winners of the 10k and 5k divisions were:

OVERALL:   Nicole Amundson 3rdAnnualReviveFitness_3
0-19:  Grant Pederson
20-29:   Kirsten Church (F); Jake Steffen (M)
30-39:   Nicole Amundson (F)   Matt Toennis (M)
40+:  Lisa Schroeder (F); Marty Parsley (M)
OVERALL:  Joshua Fletcher
0-19:   Joshua Fletcher
20-29:   Lindsey Kite (F); Dylan Dybedahl (M)
30-39:   Rebecca Herman (F); Lee Kaffer (M)
40+:  Shauna Hoglund (F); Keith Delange (M)
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Revive Fitness and County Fair Partner to Promote Health and Wellness

Revive Fitness owner Brittani Bollock and County Fair Foods managers Byron Busk and Steve Clark are partnering together to help promote health and wellness in Dell Rapids and the surrounding area.  The goal of the partnership is to help people better understand how food acts as fuel for our bodies.  Revive ReviveRecommendsFitness will be providing periodic health and wellness education pieces written by Revive Fitness trainers, dieticians, and other Revive wellness expert partners.  The periodic informational package can be found at the entrance of the County Fair Foods store near the weekly County Fair Foods sales flyers or newspapers.  The packet will include information such as new recipes, healthy grocery lists, and specialty ‘Revive Recommends’ items for healthier and easier shopping.

Bollock said, “Our vision is to work together to promote healthy information, choices and options for the families in this community in which we serve and love so much!  We want to let people know that you don’t have to travel to another store to find healthy options.  You can find them right here in Dell Rapids and for a cheaper price than you might think.”

Bollock also said that Revive Fitness also intends to bring in specialists and professionals from around the area to hold question and answer sessions, cooking classes, and more.  Community members are encouraged to send any questions and requests to

Big Sioux Media will have a page that will list the featured recipes and healthy shopping lists.  That page can be found by clicking here.


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Revive Fitness Gives Big to Dell Rapids Connections

2016revivedonationBrittani and Lee Bollock and Revive Fitness have outdone themselves with another generous donation to the Dell Rapids Connections group.  The Bollocks presented a check to the Connections group during the Bobby Bugattii Jones concert at City Park on Wednesday, September 14th.  The check donated to Connections was $6,000.  The funds donated were raised during the 2nd Annual Revive & Connections Family Fun Event that was held on Saturday, August 27th.  That event consisted of a 5k, 10k, one mile fun run, kids relay, raffles, bounce house, fire truck, ambulance, live music, games, and crafts.

With the generous donation, the Dell Rapids Connections group is looking at bringing in more events like the Bobby Jones event that was just held.

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2nd Annual Revive & Connections Family Event

2ndAnnualRevive5k_5On an almost perfect Saturday morning in Dell Rapids, the 2nd Annual Revive & Connections Family Fun Event was held at Dell Rapids City Park on Saturday, August 27th.  The event consisted of a 5k, 10k, one mile fun run, kids relay, raffles, bounce house, fire truck, ambulance, live music, games, and crafts.  The Farmer’s Market also set up in the park during the event.


Revive Fitness owner Brittani Bollock said, “It had a great turnout, and I am so thankful for people who are so involved in the community and support so much!”

Bollock will donate all of the proceeds from the event to the Dell Rapids Connections group.

Bollock, her staff, and all the volunteers put on another great event for the community of Dell Rapids!!


The winners of the 10k and 5k divisions were:

OVERALL WOMAN:   Summer Schultz (overall everyone & 40-49 woman)
OVERALL MAN:   Travis Ahlers (30-39)
20-29:   Elizabeth Johnston (F)
30-39:   Amanda McMillan (F)   Travis Ahlers (M)
40-49:   Summer Schultz (F)     Terry Pederson (M)
50+:    Lisa Schroeder (F)
OVERALL WOMAN:   Kirsten Church (20-29)
OVERALL MAN:   Kyle Finn (overall everyone & 20-29)
0-19:   Elaina Haugaard (F)    Joshua Fletcher   (M)
20-29:   Kirsten Church (F)   Kyle Finn (M)
30-39:   Heidi Thoreson (F)    Jeff Thoreson (M)
40-49:   Shauna Hoglund (F)   Will Boever  (M)
50+:   Lisa Schroeder (F)   Dennis Erkfritz   (M)
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Revive Fitness Presents Donation to Dell Rapids Connections

Revive Fitness presented the Dell Rapids Connections group with a $3,000 donation on Thursday, January 21st, during halftime of the Dell Rapids Quarriers vs Madison Bulldogs boys basketball game.  The money donated was raised as part of the Revive You 5k + Family Fun Run held on Saturday, September 19th.

“My goal is to raise awareness for a group of people who give back and help the whole community in not only day-to-day living, but are also a major role in crisis situations,” said owner of Revive Fitness Brittani Bollock.

ReviveFitnessConnectionDonationBollock said that last fall when Revive Fitness was celebrating their one-year anniversary, they started searching for a local group to pay forward all the love and generosity that they have received from the community.

“As far as Revive and my family, we are, and continue to be, humbled and amazed by the support of our community and the surrounding area,” Bollock said.

When Connections came to mind, Bollock said that they didn’t have a second thought on where they were going to give back.  “Not only is the mission they stand for all we believe in, but the people who make up this group are second to none. They are also some of the first people in line to give of themselves and their time to better the lives of the community. When we opened Revive, our goal was to not only help better the lives of our members, but to give back and be involved in our community. Having grown up here and graduated from St. Mary’s, we feel a deep connection with the amazing people of the community and anytime there is an opportunity to give back, we do,” Bollock added.

Dell Rapids Connections will use the funds to help bring activities to Dell Rapids over the next year.

Dr Summer Schultz, superintendent of Dell Rapids High School, said, “We’ve had student groups attend our (Connections) meetings to let us know areas they think would be beneficial to bring in.  We are also lucky enough to have so many different specialties in our group that we get a feel for the information that parents and kids may find useful.  Some of the programming or resources we bring in are ‘uncomfortable’ topics or unknowns that parents, churches and school staff can benefit from learning about.”

Some of the events that have taken place or are planned for the upcoming year by Dell Rapids Connections include Challenge Day, Leadership in Times of Crisis (Connections and community leadership will participate in this event), Texting and Driving assembly for students at both Dell Rapids and Dell Rapids St Mary schools, Social Media Parent Presentation, and new Colossus Training for Dell Rapids and Dell Rapids St Mary staff.

Revive Fitness is hosting another event to help raise funds for Dell Rapids Connections.  They will be hosting a Revive Game On Challenge over the next eight weeks for members and anyone else in the community who would like to join.  Everyone who has placed a wager on themselves will either receive a wager back or Revive Fitness will donate the funds to Connections.  Anyone interested in joining the event or contributing to the organization can contact Bollock at 605-951-8540.

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Practicing Gratitude and Thankfulness

drseth Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.23.03 AMBy Brittani Bollock and Seth Severtson
REVIVE Fitness and Severtson Spinal Care

Mark Twain once said “comparison is the destroyer of joy.” Most of us live our lives where food is abundant, big screens are common, and everyone has a mini-computer in their pocket.  Yet we find ourselves shackled with anxiety, depression, poor health, and discontentment.  We are continually surrounded by blessings yet our materialistic and consumer driven culture has taken our joy. All too often people compare themselves with others instead of focusing on being thankful. Social media perpetuates this comparison as people post their curated lives and on lookers compare themselves. Guilt, depression, and anxiety are the result. Comparison will ultimately rob your presence, your power, and your joy. What if there was a simple, effective, and proven method for restoring our joy?  What if there were a way to restore power, wisdom, and creativity to our lives? What if that method impacted your soul, your physical and mental health? The solution is simply being grateful. In a busy society this timeless solution restores joy.

Practicing gratitude and thankfulness for the blessings that surround us every hour of every day will unlock our power to choose happiness and restore our joy. This solution is too easy and too basic for most of us to believe.  In fact it is so old it is new again. This simple answer cuts through the complexity of modern culture. Studies have shown a link between this positive emotion and: better heart health, better immune system, better sleep, better relationships, and better emotional health. In the bible Philippians 4:6-8 tells us to not be anxious… rather with thanksgiving in our hearts to pray to the Lord. It tells us to focus our hearts and minds on what is noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and whatever is praiseworthy. Focus, pray, choose to be thankful. It all sounds so easy! It is and it’s also easy to ignore. When we forget to be grateful in each moment, we lose. We lose presence in the moment and our heart is suppressed. We lose the power to be happy and to love fully. We lose the power to be healthy in our body, mind and spirit. When we lose, we become anxious about what will be instead of thankful for what is. We are blinded from God’s divine love, wisdom, and design for us.

What can you do?

  • Journal:  Take time each day to write a sentence or two about what you are most thankful for.
  • Pray:  We are wired to focus and connect with our creator. He promises that if will be grateful and come to Him… He will give us peace.
  • Focus:  Be intentional about finding reasons to be thankful. Small things. Large things. People. Relationships. Experiences. You have so many!
  • Remind:  Set up simple reminders to help you focus. Maybe it’s a blue sticky note around the house. Every time you see it you take a second to think of something you are grateful for. Maybe it is a rubber band on your wrist. A certain time of every day. Every time you hear your kids laughing. Pick something to help you.
  • Choose:  Nothing just happens. You have to practice and make a choice. Whether you are saving money, getting healthy, working on your relationship, studying hard for a degree, waking up early to pray, or being grateful.. nothing just happens. Make this simple and effective choice to be grateful

Practicing these suggestions will make gratefulness a habit. When it becomes a habit it will change your health and impact your life. Life is good… be thankful for it.

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600 Pounds Lost During Revive Fitness “Game On Challenge”

ReviveFitnessGameOnChallenge1On September 20, 2014 Revive Fitness opened its doors in Dell Rapids, beginning to change lives of people in the community by promoting health and fitness through group fitness classes.  A year later Revive Fitness kicked off their 2nd year in Dell Rapids with the “Game On Challenge”.  The Game On Challenge was a 28-day program that challenged individuals on all levels; physically, mentally, spiritually, and nutritionally.  82 members of the Dell Rapids community and Revive Fitness signed up to participate.  Participants were then randomly split into teams and worked to gain their team the most points.

Contestants earned points by following healthy nutritional guidelines, daily exercise, and proper rest habits.  Additionally members had to commit to breaking a “bad” habit, starting a new “good” habit, and finally setting an overall weight loss or fitness goal.

Brittani Bollock, owner of Revive Fitness, said, “Overall health and wellness is not only just fitness or nutrition.  It is a combination of physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional needs, that when balanced properly, allow your body to accomplish all that is was made to accomplish.  This challenge was not a diet, it was not a fad, but it has been a guideline to creating and helping people of all walks make lifestyle changes that have positively effected not only their lives but the lives of many people around them.”

Challenge participant Sara Schneider said, “The biggest thing I’ve learned during this journey is to keep going.  Just because I had a bad day or lunch, I still have to keep going.  One screw up doesn’t determine your outcome.  Just keep pushing.  The breakthrough will come!  I have also prayed a lot, and Jesus has definitely been my strength through a lot of this!”

Over the course of the 28-day Game On challenge, the 82 participants lost more than 600 pounds!  While not all participants had a weight loss goal, those that did lost an average of nearly 10 pounds over the 4 week time-frame.  In fact during this short time, one member lost over 20 pounds.  Another participant was able to come off of all blood pressure medications (with doctors guidance and approval).  Numerous participants reported that their lifestyle changes had influenced their family, friends, and coworkers, who then started eating healthier and exercising more once they saw the participants results.

“Because of the challenge, I am more conscious of what I’m eating and how much activity I’m getting daily.  It takes a lot of discipline and planning ahead to follow all the rules, but it’s paid off for me. I’ve lost 12 pounds and am definitely motivated to continue to try to make the changes into new habits.  And I know I would have never done that without the support from the Revive trainers and other Revive members,” commented Jared Hohn.

Lisa Carr added, “You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle”.

The winners of the challenge received a night out of socializing and celebrating their team’s victory.  Not only did the challenge build up individuals and deliver great results, it also helped to build up the community of Dell Rapids and inspire greater health and wellness for all.  Given the success of the first round of the challenge, nearly 90% of the participants have signed up for “round two”, which will run through the end of November.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” 1 Cor. 3:17

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New Business Opens Doors in Dell Rapids

Revive Fitness is the newest business to open its doors in Dell Rapids.  They held their Grand Opening celebration with ribbon cutting on Saturday, October 4th.  Revive Fitness is a specialized group fitness training business that holds daily classes of Yoga, BarreAmped, Kettleball, and Zumba.

Brittani Bollock, owner of Revive Fitness, is the certified Kettleball instructor.  Melissa Kirby is the Yoga instructor.  Janey Case runs the BarreAmped classes.  Margo Hegge and Katie Luttman are the Zumba instructors.

Revive Fitness is located at 507 N Highway 77 Suite D in Dell Rapids. For more information, call at 605-951-8540 or visit their website at Revive Fitness is also on Facebook at


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