Highway 115 South of Dell Rapids Now Open

Hwy115_Sept2018A portion of the final phase of the Highway 115 project has completed.  The north bridge from 3rd St southward out of Dell Rapids was opened by the South Dakota Department of Transportation in the late afternoon hours of Wednesday, September 5th.  The north bridge has been closed to traffic since December 4th, 2017 to start the final phase of this major highway construction project.

“It will eliminate the detour, which is be a big relief to the community.  It’s been a slog,” said City Administrator Justin Weiland during the Dell Rapids City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 4th.

Construction still continues on Highway 115 from the four-way stop by T&Cs and Dells Auto westward out toward the interstate as projects all across the state are falling behind schedule.

“T&R is doing the Tea-Ellis road, and they’re talking about not even tearing up sections that are supposed to get done this year, and calling it quits and finishing where they’re at right now because they’re not going to get to it.  Hopefully they shift some of that man power over here.  Everybody’s way, way behind all across the state right now.  We might be stuck with this late into the winter season,” Weiland mentioned during the council meeting. Hwy115_Sept2018_2

The first phase of the project, the replacement of the south bridge on Highway 115 and highway replacement to 248th St., began in April of 2016.  That section was completed in a little over a year with the bridge and new road opening May of 2017.

The second phase of the $18.8 million Highway 115 project was the replacement of the Interstate 29 interchange at exit 98.  That portion of the project was re-opened to traffic on November 29th, 2017.

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Highway 115 Project Set to Start in Dell Rapids

The South Dakota Department of Transportation says the Highway 115 project is set to continue in Dell Rapids as soon as the weather cooperates.  That message came from Travis Dressen, Sioux Falls Area Engineer for the SDDOT, during a community forum meeting held at River Community Church on Monday, March 26th.  T&R Contracting will be the company that will be doing the work on the project.

Construction Meeting Display5-Default

“I think that interstate route will be one of the better routes to take from a convenience standpoint,” said Dressen.  This comment was made as Dressen was explaining that the SDDOT has plans of doing shoulder work from the Colton road into Sioux Falls on Highway 115 southward.  That work cannot start until mid June in hopes that the concrete overlay of the Highway 115 project is complete or nearly complete.

The concrete overlay portion of the project will run from 472nd Ave, which is where the interchange project stopped, eastward to about 473rd Ave.  Once T&R Contracting starts the overlay portion of the project, they have 21 calendar days to finish the work.  During that time there will be 24/7 operation with a flaggers and a pilot car.  The contractor is hoping to begin the overlay portion towards the beginning of May, or sooner, if the weather cooperates.

The next section of construction will be the grading section which will start at 473rd Ave eastward towards the four-way stop.  The section of roadway will be completely removed.  There will be storm sewers installed in some spots as well as roadway lighting and new concrete pavement.  As the road gets closer to the city, it will be a three-lane road with two driving lanes and a center turning lane.

The project will also include replacing the current structure over Rocky Run Creek.  While replacing this structure, there will be a traffic-diversion road placed to the north of Highway 115 that will cause a new temporary intersection to be placed just north of the four-way stop.  As of now that intersection will be a one-way stop, but Dressen said that if during the construction they feel a three-way stop is needed, the SDDOT would consider doing that.  The diversion road construction can begin on April 30th.

The City of Dell Rapids will also be doing some coordinating with T&R Contracting during this project.  The city will be doing water main work which will result in a temporary closure of Third Street at Highway 115.  During that time the truck route will be temporarily moved to Fourth Street.  The SDDOT will communicate the timing of this closure through press releases when the time comes to shut down the intersection.

The city also secured a grant to have a shared-use path installed with this project.  The path will be installed on the west side of the road of Highway 115 that runs south of Dell Rapids and will tie into the existing path that was installed in 2016.  As the highway turns west at the four-way stop, the path will be on the north side of the road.

Dressen also commented on the state of the bridge work that is currently being done on Highway 115 over the Big Sioux River at the meeting.  He said the footings of the bridge is complete as well as the pier walls.  He said that most of the work in the water has been completed.  The contractors expect to be setting bridge girders sometime around mid April with a deck pour anticipated around the June time frame.

The substantial completion date for this project is November of 2018.

The Highway 115 project is a continuation of the of the project from the 2017 I-29 interchange project.  In 2016 Highway 115 was completed along with the south bridge from the Colton road to River Road.  The Garfield Ave bridge reconstruction project was completed in 2015 in Dell Rapids.

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Second Phase of Hwy 115 Project Complete – I29 Bridge Opens at Dell Rapids

DellRapidsI29BridgeThe second phase of the $18.8 million Hwy 115 project in and around Dell Rapids has completed.  On Wednesday, November 29th, the Interstate 29 interchange at Exit 98 to Dell Rapids reopened to traffic.

Coinciding with the opening of the interstate interchange, the north bridge on Hwy 115 heading south of Dell Rapids will be closed starting Monday, December 4th, resulting in a detour through Dell Rapids.  The detour will be the same detour used Hwy115DetourRoutewhen the south bridge on Hwy 115 was being replaced.  When driving north into Dell Rapids, motorists will be routed off of Hwy 115 to Centennial Dr., to Garfield Ave., and then to 4th St. back west to Hwy 115.  Trucks will be directed off of 4th St. at Orleans Ave. and will need to use 3rd St. to get back to Hwy 115.

“The DOT has reassured me that if they are shutting this bridge down, that the contractor is planning on working as expediently as they can through the winter.  They’re not going to show up, tear the bridge down, and take off site for six weeks, a month or even two weeks.  They plan on working through the winter.  They want to get as much work done when the water level is where it is now so that they can Hwy115NorthBridgebe ready to go in the spring.  It’s also their hope it pushes up their re-opening schedule on the bridge as well,” said City Administrator Justin Weiland during the regular meeting of the Dell Rapids City Council on Monday, November 20th.

The final phase of the project is the replacement of the north bridge on Hwy 115 and road replacement north to the four-way stop.  The highway from the four-way stop west to the new interstate interchange will also be replaced.  According to the South Dakota Department of Transportation, the overall completion date for the project is June 21, 2019.

The first phase of the project, the replacement of the south bridge on Hwy 115 and highway replacement to 248th St., began in April of 2016.  That section was completed in a little over a year with the bridge and new road opening May of this year.

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Future Road Construction Could Create Problems for Dell Rapids

City Administrator Justin Weiland presented to the Dell Rapids City Council during their regular meeting on Monday, February 2nd, that future road construction projects in Dell Rapids could have impact on Dell Rapids streets.  Road construction will begin on Hwy 115 between Quarry Road and 248th St (Colton turnoff) in 2016.  However, in 2017, if plans are not changed, streets in Dell Rapids could be heavily traveled.

Current South Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT) 2017 plans include continuing Hwy 115 construction from Quarry Rd north to the 4-way stop intersection.  The intersection and bridge will be torn up for construction.  Motorists will be able to travel west towards Interstate 29 through the construction zone with the aid of pilot cars.  However, SDDOT is also considering adding the Dell Rapids I-29 interchange to the current 2017 construction plan.  The south-bound on-ramp would not be accessible in this plan, meaning that even though motorists could head west from Dell Rapids during the Hwy 115 construction, they could not get onto I-29 to head south to Sioux Falls.  With the interstate exchange potentially not being accessible and with the portion of Hwy 115 already planned for construction between the 4-way stop and Quarry Road, the only way to get to Sioux Falls for Dell Rapids residents would be to travel on Garfield Ave to Centennial, accessing Hwy 115 at that point.

Weiland mentioned that the SDDOT added the interstate exchange plans to the 2017 plans since Hwy 115 will already be under construction.  Weiland also mentioned that even though the SDDOT added the project, the bridge still has a few years of life expectancy left, and the project could be pushed out a few years.  Weiland made the suggestion to the council to approach the DOT and ask them to push the interstate exchange project to a later date to help with the wear and tear on roads.

Councilman Mark Crisp agreed with the ask.  He said that closing down Hwy 115 as well as the interstate exchange would pretty much paralyze all the businesses out by the interstate.

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