DRMS Students Have GenCyber Day with DSU

DRMS_GenCyber_1Each grade level from the Dell Rapids Middle School was able to participate in the GenCyber Day for 35 minutes each on Friday, January 19. Students had the opportunity to work with littleBits, Dash robots, Ozobots, or the BB-8 robots. littleBits offered students the chance to build items that moved, made noise, or had lights blink. The Dash and BB-8 robots allowed students to code the robots using a mobile device to move or perform tasks. Students using the Ozobots (a robot the size of a bouncy ball) used blank sheets of paper to draw pathways with markers for the Ozobots to follow. Students were also able to use a particular scene to change the direction or speed of the Ozobots.

Dr. Ashley Podhradsky, an associate professor from Dakota State University in Madison, led of a group of undergraduate and graduate students that helped students with each station. DRMS_GenCyber_2

“While all of the connected toys are fun to play with, they all teach important fundamentals of computer science.  The kids learn linear logic they can apply as they advance their skills.  We know kids won’t be experts in a day, but if we can get them interested in cyber that is a big win,” commented Dr. Podhradsky.

DRMS_GenCyber_3Scott Headrick, one of the K-12 Technology Integrationists for the Dell Rapids School District, thought the event went well.  “We have great kids in Dell Rapids. It was wonderful to have students get an opportunity to learn problem solving skills and computer science! It was great to have Dr. Podhradsky and the DSU students lead us in such fun, learning activities!”

Submitted by Scott Headrick


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