Dell Rapids’ 2nd Electronic Recycling Day Successful

ElectronicRecyclingThe City of Dell Rapids held another free electronic recycling day on Saturday, October 28th, as part of their free rubble site days this year.  This is the second time the city has held a free electronic recycling day for its residents.

“It was a good event.  There were 46 TVs, several computer monitors, a lot of VCRs, radios, DVD players and other miscellaneous items dropped off,” said City Administrator Justin Weiland during the Dell Rapids City Council meeting on Monday, November 6th.

A total of two full trailers of electronics were collected during the event.  Even though the event was free for Dell Rapids residents, the city incurred costs of $730 to pay staff members of SEAM, the electronic recycling company, to oversee the drop-off.

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First Electronic Recycling Day a Success

electronicsrecyclingDell Rapids residents were able to bring electronics for recycling to the city rubble site in coordination with the free rubble site day on Saturday, October 29th.  Some of the items that were able to be brought were televisions, computers, monitors, printers, VCR/DVD/CD players, camcorders, and telephones.

City Administrator Justin Weiland gave a report of what was brought to the rubble site to the Dell Rapids City Council during the regular meeting on Monday, November 7th.  The rubble site received 63 televisions, eight microwaves, 18 DVD/VCR players, nine printers, six stereos, 33 CRTs TVs or monitors, six phones, and 23 miscellaneous items.

“It was good.  The organization that we worked with out of Sioux Falls was really helpful.  They actually sent a guy out there and had him out there all day helping direct traffic and help take the items.  All it took from the city’s point was to drive down and pick up the boxes and took two trips to take the items back,” said Weiland.

The city worked with the Household Hazardous Waste Facility out of Sioux Falls to make this possible.  Weiland mentioned that he hasn’t followed up with them yet since the event, but will ask if this is something that could be done again in Dell Rapids in the future.

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