Local Doctor Teaches in Illinois

A group of upper cervical chiropractors attended continuing education April 20-22, a portion of which was taught by Dr. Seth Severtson, a chiropractor practicing in Dell Rapids, SD.

Dr. Severtson belongs to a nationwide group of doctors that is concerned with addressing the body as a whole through a gentle upper cervical approach. This approach, termed QSM3, is focused on integrating spine mechanics, anatomy, and nervous system balance through the principles of tensegrity.

“It’s quite a bit different than what may be thought of as ‘typical’ chiropractic,” said Severtson. “There is no fast movements or “popping” type of adjustments. It is very low force and controlled. We are focused on whole body results that can be measured.”

The approach is founded by an Atlanta based NUCCA doctor, Russell Friedman. Friedman is board certified in NUCCA and Orthospinology. He was formerly on the board of the Upper Cervical Research Foundation, has written on biomechanics for the Upper Cervical Monograph and holds a degree in Mechanical engineering from Tulane.

“This is the most substantial advancement in Upper cervical care in 50 years. We want to take our understanding of how the spine functions and integrates as a whole, not just bone by bone, and have an objective whole spine approach that is based on measurements and results. Your spine is not a bone out of place’ but it functions as a whole and needs a doctor who can balance it as a whole. Thats what we do.” Friedman states there are several research projects in the works.  Because of Friedman’s approach he sees patients that deal with anything from Multiple Sclerosis and anxiety to whole body pain. “We see patients with all types of concerns. This approach is an alternative for many people who want to avoid a life of medications or surgery.”

A similar type of chiropractic care, NUCCA, was featured in the 2007 Journal of Human Hypertension for its results with blood pressure patients. That research showed that NUCCA chiropractic care decreased hypertension (high blood pressure) in patients the same amount as two hypertensive agents. The results were sustainable and the study found no adverse effects for patients.

Dr. Severtson is excited to be involved in this ground breaking work and bring it to South Dakota. “The QSM3 approach is really building on those results attained by NUCCA and moving forward with the whole body in mind”, stated Severtson. “Research and patient results are of primary focus for us. We want measurable objective results.”

 Ryan Yates, an upper cervical chiropractor in Liberty Lake, Washington and conference attendee is excited  about what this care means for his community. “QSM3 represents the pinnacle practice of chiropractic. It’s incredible how non-invasive yet effective this method is. My community is going to be healthier as a result.”
“Because of the results that patients have gotten people come quite a distance to be adjusted here (Severtson Spinal Care).” said Severtson. “Dell Rapids is a great place to live and the people here have been extremely supportive.” For further questions concerning this approach, Dr. Severtson is in private practice in Dell Rapids, SD and can be reached at (605) 428-4778.

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