Dell Rapids Middle and High Schools Raise Money for Hurricane Relief

Students at both the Dell Rapids Middle School and Dell Rapids High School held fundraisers recently to raise money for hurricane relief.

The middle school held a week-long “Penny War” the week of October 16th – 20th.  Students could bring in spare change throughout the week with the winning class receiving a movie and popcorn party for the whole grade.  Points were accumulated throughout the week for each grade level.  Points were gained by adding pennies to grade’s jug.  Points were subtracted by adding silver coins and bills to the other grade’s jugs.  The 6th grade finished with -19,001 points.  The 7th grade had -13,763 points.  5th grade finished with -13,762 points.  The winning class of the movie and popcorn party was the 8th grade class with a total of +1,922 points.

Throughout the “Penny War” week, the students and staff of the middle school raised $1,186.24!  All the money will be donated to the American Red Cross for relief efforts following hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

The Dell Rapids High School also held their own fundraiser that also raised funds for hurricane relief.  Raffle tickets were sold to the high school students for $2.00 each.  The raffle earned the students a chance to throw a whipped-cream pie at Mr. Bunkers during the pep rally on Friday, October 20th.  A few lucky students were drawn out and able to throw their pies in front of the entire middle and high school during the pep rally.  The high school students were able to raise $200 to be added to the hurricane relief.



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Dell Rapids Middle School Band Numbers Increase

DRMiddleSchoolBandThe Dell Rapids middle school band numbers will see a significant increase this coming school year.  Dell Rapids Middle School Principal Fran Ruesink reported that 52 fifth graders were going out for band this year during the Dell Rapids School Board regular meeting on Monday, August 14th.

Ruesink said, “Bryan Timperley has been pretty busy this summer.  He’s been giving free lessons to a lot of kids.  Last spring he worked pretty hard at opening the door and getting kids acclimated and getting them introduced to instruments.”

The 5th and 6th grade band will have a total of 82 students this year with 30 sixth grade students joining the 52 fifth grade students.  That number is up 20 students from the previous year.  Last year there were 40 fifth grade students and 22 sixth grade students.

“It’s a testament to his character,” said Dell Rapids School Board President Matt Weiland.

Ruesink also mentioned that due the large number of students that will be participating in band this year, there is still more work to be done to get lessons scheduled.

“We’re trying to get the lessons and everything in the morning.  It might bump up a little bit into the afternoon.  There’s just a lot of kids, and he’s got to see them.  It’s a good problem,” said Ruesink.

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Dell Rapids Teacher Gets Adopt-A-Classroom Grant from Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union

Kari HettingerSioux Falls Federal Credit Union Awards Six Adopt-A-Classroom Grants

Sioux Falls, June 14, 2017:  As our local school districts face increasing budget constraints, a growing number of teachers spend more of their own money to provide school supplies for their students. In a recent survey conducted by SheerID, teachers in the United States spent an average of $513 on out-of-pocket classroom supplies such as instructional materials, books and professional development.

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union has been helping to off-set these costs since 2009 with their Adopt-A-Classroom grant program. This grant provides teachers in Lincoln, Minnehaha, McCook and Turner counties $500 to help cover necessary non-salary expenses to fund their classroom.

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union invited the public to nominate any certified K through 12 classroom teacher who works in an accredited public or private school within the credit union’s service area to receive the Adopt-A-Classroom grant. The nomination form included a brief description on how the teacher has made an impact on their life. “We knew teachers made an impact on their students, but in reviewing all of our nomination forms, we realized all the ways our teachers create an engaging, interesting and fun classroom experience that not only benefited the student but their family,” stated Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union President/CEO Fran Sommerfeld.

The credit union has awarded six grants in the 2017-2018 school year. Grants of $500 have been awarded directly to teachers to provide them with some of the resources necessary to cover out-of-pocket expenses. “The teaching profession is one that demands dedication, commitment, and sacrifice. Most teachers often go beyond the call of duty to create a stimulating, safe learning environment and to help each student succeed. We are excited to be able to offer this program to help our teachers create an engaging, interesting, and fun classroom experience for their students” said Sommerfeld.

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 winners:

  • Danyel McFarlane – Lowell Elementary
  • Kari Hettinger – Dell Rapids Middle School
  • Sarah Darling – Brandon Elementary
  • Doyle Becker – Washington High School
  • Carla Diede – Harrisburg South Middle School
  • Cheyenne Lambley – Tri-Valley Elementary

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1934 and currently serves anyone who lives or works in Minnehaha, Lincoln, McCook and Turner counties of South Dakota. The not-for-profit cooperative has over 27,000 members with six Sioux Falls branch locations.


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Dell Rapids Middle Schoolers “Dodgeball” for American Heart Association

DRMS_Dodgeball_2017_1In observance of the American Heart Association Awareness months of February and March, Dell Rapids Middle School students in grades 5 through 8 competed in a dodge ball tournament on February 10th, 2017.  In order to raise money to support one of the leading causes of death in the United States, students donated money toward socks or a shirt which they could wear for the tournament. The students enjoyed the tournament and raised $1,627.00 for the American Heart Association.  Each class was divided into teams and played against one another.DRMS_Dodgeball_2017_2

The $1,627.00 raised this year beat last year’s record number of $1,315.00.

Dell Rapids Middle School Physical Education teacher Julie Barber said, “Thank you to these DRMS students and their families for supporting this worthy cause and raising such a large amount of money! This was a great exercise in community service and working with each other in an effort to address an important issue facing our society.”

DRMS_Dodgeball_2017_3As part of the fundraising efforts, a pizza party was awarded to the class that had the highest amount of donations.  This year’s winning class was Mrs. Gruneich’s PE class.  As for the winners of the tournament in each grade level, Mrs. Gruneich’s team won the 5th grade tournament, Mrs. Hettinger’s team won the 6th grade tournament, the orange team won the 7th grade tournament, and the orange team won the 8th grade tournament.

DRMS_Dodgeball_2017_5 DRMS_Dodgeball_2017_4


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“Kiss the Pig” Contest at Dell Rapids School Raises Money for MS Society

KissThePigatDRHS“We are all here because we are raising money for MS,” said Dell Rapids High School Principal Ms. Kludt to a gym full of students during an assembly on Wednesday.

Students at Dell Rapids Middle School and Dell Rapids High School competed throughout the day by paying $1.00 to have a “dress up” day and to have their name entered into raffle.  The middle school had a “Random Costume Day or Pajama Day”, while the high school had an “I Hate Winter” day.  Students were able to purchase as many raffle tickets as they wanted all day long.

The winning school’s principal would have to kiss a pig.

“All day long I was wondering is it going to be me?  Is it going to be Mr. Ruesink?  I don’t know.  I know how well the middle school kids raise money.  It was nip and tuck there.  It was just nip and tuck.  So, Mr. Ruesink, you don’t have to,” Kludt announced.

At 3:00 in the afternoon, Ms. Kludt puckered up and laid a big kiss on a pig in front of the middle school and high school students at the assembly which concluded the day-long fundraising event.

The total amount of money raised during the “Kiss the Pig” contest along with the winners of the raffle prizes (Quarrier t-shirt quilt, Revo headphones, and quarry rock hitching post) will be announced during the Dell Rapids Quarrier boys basketball game on Friday, February 19th.

All the money raised will be donated to the MS Society.

The National MS Society’s current campaign is “Together, we can Kiss Goodbye to MS” for Valentine’s Day.  #KissGoodbyeToMS

More information about the National MS Society can be found at their website,

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Dell Rapids Fifth Grade Living History Fair

Neil ArmstrongDuring the month of March, the Dell Rapids 5th grade class held a Living History Fair in the Middle School Commons.  The students spent several weeks researching information on their selected person from history, wrote a report, put together a poster board of facts, and then brought that person to life by dressing up as their selected person.  The students were asked to stand as wax statues until a donation was made to their jar.  Friends and family made donations at each students area, and the donation brought the students “to life”.

The 5th grade class raised $790.96 during their Living History Fair.  The students then decided on a charity in which to donate the money raised.

Click here for a list of each student and their selected person from history.

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