Dell Rapids Library Releases Final Summer Numbers

LibraryDedication-2Brittany Moeller, the Dell Rapids Carnegie Library Director, presented the Dell Rapids City Council with the final summer reading program numbers for 2018 during the council’s regular meeting on Monday, August 6th.  The summer reading program officially ended the last week in July this year.

“The total sign up for babies through adults for the summer reading program was 654 people.  That’s an increase of more than 220 people from last year, so that’s amazing!  Our numbers just skyrocketed.  We had double the amount of adults and teens sign up, and those are our two hardest groups to get signed up for the summer reading program.  So to have those numbers double was pretty exciting to see,” said Moeller.  In 2017 the library had a total of 426 people register for the program.

There were a total of six different programs for babies through adults.  The library had just under 2,000 people attend just the program, which is nearly double from last year’s number.  That number doesn’t include people who came into the library just to use the computer or check out books.  There were a total of 934 participants that attended five different programs in 2017.

So far in 2018, the library has issued 71 new library cards for a total of 206 new people to the library.  In 2017 the library issued 92 library cards for a total of 212 new people.

“We’ve had a record-breaking summer, and it’s been super exciting and a lot of fun,” Moeller added.

Moeller also said that they would like to keep this trend going, keep seeing people come into the library to participate in the programs, and do all the fun activities.

After the report of the new numbers, Dell Rapids Councilman Gary Haak asked Moeller what she would like to see in the future for the library in terms of programming and reaching out into the community.

“We would like to definitely expand the programs that we do.  Libraries aren’t the same as they were 20 years ago.  The library that my older siblings were used to where they came in and they checked out all these research books to write their papers and that kind of stuff, they still kind of do that, but a lot of that is online.  So now the library’s role is changing.  What we provide now is a place for community members to gather, to be together, to learn new things, to have new experiences whether it’s story time for their kids or offering photography classes or different ways we can involve community members.  We would love to do more things like that, really expand not only the programming that we have at the library, but what else we can do outside of the library in the community, doing more with the schools, and partnering more with the daycares and centers like that.  That’s kind of our main goal,” Moeller responded.

“When we look back at spending the money to add on to this, it shows that we did it right.  Probably didn’t build it big enough now, I don’t know.  If it’s growing like this, it’s good to see,” Haak commented.

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Library Summer Reading Program Sees Big Growth

LibraryDedication-2The Dell Rapids Carnegie Public Library has seen great growth in their summer reading program over the last couple of years as reported by Library Director Brittany Moeller.  Moeller gave the report to the Dell Rapids City Council during their regular meeting on Monday, June 18th.

“Our summer reading is going fantastic so far.  We’re only three weeks in, and I’m super excited because we have almost broken 600 people signed up from birth to adults.  That’s amazing considering in 2015 we had just barely over 200, so that’s a huge growth,” Moeller said.

There is still time to register and participate in the summer reading program.

Moeller also mentioned that the library has added two programs for this summer for a total of six, which is an increase from four in 2016.  A new adult program and another children’s program were added this year.  In 2016 the library saw 820 people total participate in the summer programs.  In just the first three weeks of 2018, 545 people have already participated in the programs.  Those programs will conclude at the end of July.

During the update to the council, Moeller stated that she also recently graduated from the four-year program Library Institute put on by the South Dakota State Library.

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Dell Rapids Library Use and Membership Continues to Climb

LibraryDedication-2Brittany Moeller, the Library Director at the Dell Rapids Carnegie Public Library, recently gave a report to the Dell Rapids City Council that showed continued growth at the library.

Moeller reported that 21,580 people visited the library in 2017.  She also noted that 55% of residents within the city limits of Dell Rapids, as well as the rural Dell Rapids residents, have a library card.  The library also saw 2,333 children and teens attend library programs in 2017.

“We had a really awesome year in 2017.  We’re hoping to continue that,” said Moeller.

Moeller also reported that since 2017 the library has added 500 new patrons and has seen an internal circulation of in-house items increase by 5,000 items as well.

Library staff is now preparing for the 2018 summer reading program.  Registration for the program opened on May 14th.  The reading portion as well as the programming and activities will start the first week of June and will run for eight weeks through July.  There will be activities and programming for preschool aged all the way through teens and adults.

“We appreciate the work you do at the library and the rest of the staff.  It pleases me to no end to see the use and increases, and particularly the children.  I think that’s just fantastic.  It’s a wonderful, great thing,” said Dell Rapids Mayor Tom Earley during Moeller’s report on Monday, May 7th.

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Dell Rapids Library Sees Increase in Numbers During Summer Programs

LibraryDedication-2Dell Rapids Carnegie Library Director Brittany Moeller gave an updated report from the summer programs to the Dell Rapids City Council during the council’s regular meeting on Monday, August 7th.

“We’ve had a really good year so far and an amazing summer,” Moeller said.

She reported that the library has seen a little over 430 people registered for the summer reading program which is up about 30 people from last year.  Moeller says they have seen an average increase of about 20 people per year over the last three years.

A new addition to the library this summer was the addition of summer programs for adults.  An average of 10 to 15 people attended the program per week.  The library also saw an average of 15 to 20 teens per week for their programs.

Computer classes for seniors were also held for the first time by the library.  Moeller said that between 5 to 10 people came every week to learn everything the basics of turning on a computer to learning Facebook.  There are plans on doing more classes for seniors sometime during the fall.

Dell Rapids City Council member James Borchert said, “I just want to say in the last few years if you look at where the library has been and where it’s gone with the increase in programming for adults and now seniors and children, it’s just been the gem of this community. A lot of towns this size don’t have a library, and they certainly don’t have a library like this.”

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Library Continues to Thrive in Dell Rapids

LibraryDedication-2Dell Rapids Carnegie Library Director Brittany Moeller spoke to the Dell Rapids City Council during their regular meeting on Tuesday, February 21st.  She provided an update to the council on the happenings of the library and painted a picture of continued success since the renovations were completed in March of 2015.

Moeller reported that the library just completed their winter story time sessions that lasted a total of eight weeks in the months of December and January.  Around 150 children participated in the story time sessions.  Moeller and the library staff are getting ready for their spring time story sessions which will begin on March 6th.  Moeller also mentioned that over 80 children took part in their Valentine’s Day craft, which is the most they’ve had since doing the event.

The library has also seen many daycare providers bring children through.  Busy Blessing daycare has been bringing around 20 children through the library once week over the past couple of months.  The library has also seen children from Next Generation Childcare and Learning Circle pre-school.

Moeller then reported that the library will be partnering with the senior citizen center to provide technology classes.  They are looking to offer a couple of different courses including a beginners computer class, a more advance computer class, and sessions on smart phones and tablets/e-readers.  They hope to be starting those sessions soon and more details will be provided in the near future.  The library is also getting ready for their summer reading program, which will officially start in June, but they are planning for some kick-off events that will take place in May.

The library also continues to see new memberships.  Moeller said that they have had about 10 new members join since the beginning of 2017, but she anticipates they will get a big jump in new memberships when school is out for the summer.  She told the council that is typically when they get most of their new memberships since they send flyers and information home with children from both Dell Rapids public and Dell Rapids St Mary.

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Dell Rapids Carnegie Library Hosts Sioux Falls Storm

SFStormAtLibrary_3-30-16A player and cheerleader for the Sioux Falls Storm indoor football team traveled to the Dell Rapids Carnegie Library for an event on Wednesday, March 30th.  The Sioux Falls Storm have been doing this outreach program with the Sioux Falls libraries for a few years, but according to Library Director Brittany Moeller this was the first time that they have visited a library outside of Sioux Falls.  The two read stories to around 115 children who attended the event.  Afterwards they signed autographs and talked with those who attended.

Moeller said, “Since this program was such a success, it is definitely something we would love to do again in the future.”

The library’s next big event is the Summer Reading Program.  Sign up will begin in May and the programs and reading will begin in June and run through July.  This year’s theme is “On your mark, get set…READ!” and follows a sports and wellness/fitness theme.  Moeller said that they have lots of fun activities planned for the Summer Reading Program.

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Traffic Increases with New Library Renovations

LibraryDedication-2“Business has picked up at the library, and we’re loving it,” said Library Director Brittany Moeller Monday, July 6th, during the regular Dell Rapids City Council meeting.  Moeller presented the council with an update at the library since re-opening at the renovated building on Monday, March 23rd.

66 new library cards have been handed out since the beginning of 2015, and 58 of the new cards have been acquired since moving back into the building.  The 66 cards are servicing a total of 193 people.  Moeller mentioned that in all of 2014, only 68 new cards were acquired.  “We’re only halfway through the year, and we’re almost there,” said Moeller.  The cost for a library card is free if you live inside the Dell Rapids city limits.

The library is currently in the middle of their summer reading program, “Every Story has a Hero”.  So far 392 people from birth through adults have signed up for the program.  Last year the summer reading program had 242 people.

The average number of check-ins and check-outs has also increased since the renovation.  Moeller said, “The amount of items that we check-in and check-out every day has more than doubled from the past two years.”  Right now the library staff is averaging over 600 total check-ins and check-outs Monday-Friday.




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Newly Remodeled Dell Rapids Carnegie Public Library Dedicated

The newly remodeled Dell Rapids Carnegie Library was dedicated on Saturday, May 2nd, on a picture perfect morning.

LibraryDedication-1Tom Earley, president of the Board of Trustees, opened up the dedication ceremony with a few opening remarks.  “Today we celebrate the completion of the renovation of the original Dell Rapids Carnegie Public library and the completion of the addition.  You see before you a building renovated to the standards of today…updated infrastructure wired for technology.  The additional space allows us to improve our service with new and exciting programs,” said Earley.

A new flag pole dedication followed an invocation by Pastor Melissa Fletcher.  Eight members of the Dell Rapids High School choir sang the national anthem as the American flag was raised on the new flag pole for the first time.  American Legion Post 65 presented the colors. LibraryDedication-4

LibraryDedication-5Mayor Scott Fiegen also spoke during the ceremony.  “I’ve been involved in many projects over the years as mayor, but none that have taken this long.”  Mayor Fiegen then asked those in attendance to raise their hands if they served as a library board member, served on the city council, or donated time or money to the project.  “Just look around at the hands up, just look around.  This is what a community project looks like.  This is definitely a community project.”   Mayor Fiegen also said, “I think this is a great addition to our community,” after thanking many for their work and dedication to the project.

Library Director Brittany Moeller said, “I just want to thank everybody for their continued support and dedication to this project.  With this new library, my staff and I are eaglery anticpating the different opportunities and programs we will be able to offer the community of Dell Rapids.” LibraryDedication-6

Mary Jones, Director of Siouxland Libraries was the guest speaker during the ceremony.  She concluded with a challenge to the audience.  “You all need to find and renew all the ways you can to encourage the use of this new facility and connect with the community after this celebration today.”

The 45-minute dedication ceremony ended with a ribbon cutting with the Dell Rapids Chamber of Commerce and refreshments served inside the library.




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