2013 Minnehaha Funeral Home Scholarship Winners

Earlier this year the Minnehaha Funeral Homes, of Baltic, Colton, Dell Rapids, and Garretson, South Dakota, established five $500 scholarships to be awarded each year to one graduating high school senior from each of the high schools in our area (Baltic High School, Dell Rapids High School, Dell Rapids St. Mary High School, Garretson High School, and Tri-Valley High School). Minnehaha Funeral Home has always prided itself in its community involvement, and these scholarships will continue that focus. In addition to academic information, applicants were asked to submit an essay on how ethics and morals impacted their daily life. Recipients were chosen by a five person committee made up from the funeral home’s board of directors. We are proud to announce that the 2013 recipients of the Minnehaha Funeral Home Scholarship are:

  • Baltic High School-Jenna Brende
  • Dell Rapids High School-Corynn Hoff
  • Dell Rapids St. Mary High School-Theresa Duffy
  • Garretson High School-Erika Larios
  • Tri-Valley High School-Summer Bossman

***Minnehaha Funeral Home Press Release

Jenna Brende – Baltic

Corynn Hoff – Dell Rapids

Theresa Duffy – Dell Rapids St Mary










Erika Larios – Garretson

Summer Bossman – Tri Valley

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