Papa’s Pub & Eatery To Open Their Doors Early December

David and Rebecca Ohayon Photo courtesy of Tammy Chamley, Dells City Journal

David and Rebecca Ohayon
Photo courtesy of Tammy Chamley, Dells City Journal

Dell Rapids will be welcoming a new restaurant to Main Street.  Papa’s Pub & Eatery will be opening soon for all to enjoy.

David and Rebecca Ohayon are the proud new owners of Papa’s Pub & Eatery.  Rebecca is a graduate of Dell Rapids St. Mary.  “We chose Dell Rapids for a few different reasons, and it all came together so perfectly,” Rebecca explained.  “The family connection first and foremost. We wanted to be in a community where we wouldn’t be just another place to eat, such as Sioux Falls. We wanted to be some where we could make a name for ourselves. We also love unique buildings, and David is a history buff, so the minute we walked into the Opera House building, he was in love.”

Opening a restaurant in Dell Rapids has been on the Ohayon family’s radar for quite some time, unfortunately, the timing was never quite right.  “This time around, it just all fell into plac,e and that’s how we landed in Dell Rapids,” the Ohayons stated.  “We think very highly of the city of Dell Rapids, and it is a beautiful town. We also understand the need for a casual dining experience in town. We would love to fill that need, while becoming a part of the growth of Dell Rapids.”

Papa’s Pub & Eatery is named after David’s late father, Daniel.  “We know his father is with us every single day, so naming this restaurant in honor of him just made perfect sense,” Rebecca said.

Together, David and Rebecca have over 30 years in the restaurant industry.  “From dishwasher to operations director, we have done it all,” Rebecca explained.  “David is well versed in both the kitchen and the front of house, whereas I strictly stay in the front of the house.” The Ohayons also have a leadership team in place that has many, many years of restaurant experience in the dining room as well as the kitchen. “David’s management style is unbeatable,” Rebecca explained.  “You work with him, not for him, and I truly believe that is why he has been extremely successful everywhere he has worked.” David throughout the years held many positions with companies such as Spezia, On the Border, Johnny Carinos, Beef ‘O’ Bradys, The Willows at Willow Run and more. “After seeing him work so hard for others, I am glad he is finally going to do it for himself and our family,” Rebecca stated.  Rebecca has worked in the restaurant business as well, at places such as The Monarch Steakhouse, Cody’s Tavern and Grill, The Minnehaha Country Club and Johnny Carinos.

The menu will be mainly American fare with some of David’s experiences and cultural background sprinkled in. Papa’s Pub & Eatery will offer other types of food such as Mexican and French along with other countries in the Mediterranean region as weekend features. “The menu isn’t quite finalized, but you can expect to see a few appetizers, burgers, steak/chicken/shrimp entrees, pastas, salads, specialty sandwiches and soup options,” Rebecca explained.  Papa’s Pub & Eatery will offer a lunch menu, dinner menu, children’s menu as well as desserts.  A full bar will also be included in the restaurant.

David and Rebecca have four children, Mia (10), Quinn (4), Andre (almost 2) and Genevieve (6 months old).  Whether it be a weekend of competitive softball, soccer tournament or gymnastics meet, the Ohayon family enjoys every minute of life with each other. “We stay extremely busy with four children, but they keep our hearts full, and that’s what matters most,” Rebecca said.  “The greatest things in life aren’t things.”

“Obviously, the timing was right for Dell Rapids as well as our family,” Rebecca explained on why choosing to open a new restaurant.  “It has always been a dream of David’s to have his own place, and we would talk about the different locations throughout the country that we would move to, but somehow, family always kept us grounded here.  Opening Papa’s Pub & Eatery in Dell Rapids will give us a place where we can share our love and passion for food and people!”

Papa’s Pub & Eatery plan to be open Tuesdays-Thursdays 11am-9pm; Friday and Saturday 11am-10pm. “We will eventually consider opening on Sundays in the morning,” Rebecca explained. “We want to offer an atmosphere for everyone – family gatherings, date night, business lunches, rehearsal dinners, you name it!”  Papa’s Pub & Eatery plans to open their doors early December.

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