New Truck Route Now in Place

Dell Rapids has an updated truck route ordinance which includes a secondary truck route.  Dell Rapids City Ordinance 856 had a second reading and adoption passed during the regular council meeting on Tuesday, September 4th, but the ordinance did not go into effect until October 1st.

The new primary truck route is as follows:

  1. State Highway 115 from the west boundary of the city turning southeast to the south boundary of the city.
  2. Quartzite Street from State Highway 115 on the west to Garfield Avenue on the east.
  3. Garfield Avenue between Quartzite Street and Seventh Street.
  4. Seventh Street from Garfield Avenue on the west to the east boundary of the city.
  5. County Highway 129 from the north boundary of the city angling southeast to where the highway intersects State Highway 115 (Fourth Street) and continuing south on State Highway 115 to the south boundary of the city.
  6. Zero Street from State Highway 115 on the east to Quarry Road on the west.
  7. The entire portions of Quarry Road and Quartzite Street.

The new secondary truck route is as follows:

  1. Third Street from State Highway 115 on the west to Orleans Avenue on the east.
  2. Orleans Avenue between Third Street and Fourth Street.
  3. Fourth Street between Orleans Avenue and Garfield Avenue.


Signs for the new truck routes that will be placed by the city and the South Dakota Department of Transportation should be completely installed within the next couple of weeks according to comments made by City Administrator Justin Weiland during the last city council meeting.

A question was also raised as to when the new railroad gates would be installed on South Dakota Highway 115 on the south end of town.  It was reported that those gates would be installed after the sidewalks were completely finished to avoid potentially having to come back and move them during sidewalk placements.

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