Luv My Sweets – Jessie Hackett

**All products are 100% made from scratch!!  There are no cake mixes or canned frostings, just homemade goodness!**
(605) 759-8052

Cake Flavors

Red Velvet Tiramisu Keylime Paradise
Carrot Just Fabulous Smores
Angel Food Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dad’s Cake
Champagne Chocolate Temptress Candy Bar
Chocolate Raspberry Turtle Sea Salt Caramel
Chocolate Irish Cream Heavenly Strawberry Mousse Lemon Lovers
Chocolate Oreo Cream Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Pumpkin Cheesecake Divine
Ian’s Lemon Strawberry Hershey Chocolate Chip Cookie
Patrick’s Amazing Reese’s

Cake Prices

  • The OMG (12 pounds of cake!) – $30
  • 9″ 3-layer cakes/12-14 pieces – $25
  • 1/2 sheet/35-45 pieces – $25
  • whole sheet cake/70-90 pieces – $50

Cupcake Prices

  • Unfilled – $1.35 each
  • Filled – $1.50 each
  • Mini – $.65 each
  • Jumbo – $2.50 each

Cheesecakes:  12-14 slices – $25

Original Candy Bar
Lemon Blueberry Turtle
Raspberry Chocolate Chip

Bars: Pan of Bars/48 bite size – $16

Yum Yum Luscious Lemon
Turtle Brownie Chocolate Delight
Buttermilk Brownie Cheesecake
Bing Bar Pumpkin Bar

Cookies: One dozen – $6

Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Triple Espresso Candy Bar
Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate M&M Mint

Fudge/Candy: Pan/48 bite size – $20

Chocolate Fudge Orange Chocolate Fudge
Mint Fudge Oreo Cream Cheese Truffles

Breads: One loaf – $6

Banana Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana
Lemon Pumpkin

Assortment Box – 52 bite size pieces – $20/box

  • Choose from 4 different items.  Great for the holidays!
LuvMySweets_Cupcakes LuvMySweets_Cake3 LuvMySweets_Cake2 LuvMySweets_Cake1