Low Prices at the Gas Pump During Holiday Season

GasPrice2018Residents of Dell Rapids have been treated to gas prices under $2.00 a gallon just in time for Christmas holiday travel.  The price for a gallon of unleaded with ethanol has dipped below $2.00 in the past week.  Prices haven’t been under the $2.00 since early December of 2016.

In the Sioux Falls area, gas prices were at a 3-year low of about $1.36 in early 2016.  Prices had steadily climbed since that time, and they reached a 3-year high of near $2.85, which happened in early October this year.  Prices have been dropping since that high point.  Just one month ago, the average in our area was $2.34.

According to GasBuddy.com, the Sioux Falls area is currently lower than the state and national average.  The average in the Sioux Falls market as of December 24th is $2.05.  The average price for a gallon of regular gas in South Dakota is $2.31.  The national average is also at $2.31.

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