DR Fine Arts Student of the Month

dellstheaterlogo_300pxadThe Dells Theater is proud to sponsor a “DR Fine Arts Student of the Month” campaign for the school year! Every month a different Fine Arts club will be featured.  Teachers responsible for that group will nominate students for their achievements.  Winners will receive a movie pass and coupon for free pop and popcorn courtesy of the Dells Theater!

The following is the schedule for the groups:

  • Jan 2019 – Quiz Bowl
  • Feb 2019 – Band
  • Mar 2019 – Choir
  • Apr 2019 – Drama
  • May 2019 – Journalism
  • Sept 2019 – Band
  • Oct 2019 – Oral Interp
  • Nov 2019 – Quiz Bowl
  • Dec 2019 – Espresso Choir
  • Jan 2020 – One Act Play
  • Feb 2020 – Choir
  • Mar 2020 – Jazz Band
  • Apr 2020 – Spring Play
  • May 2020 – Journalism

May DR Fine Arts Student of the Month

Kaela Taubert:  Kaela has shown a commitment to getting the work done right and to putting in the extra time for photography assignments.  She offers creative ideas for both the newspaper and the yearbook, demonstrating her growing leadership in student journalism.  She’s shown she’s a hard worker.  Just this month, she has helped several other students find a solution to problems they were having with their assignments.  Kaela’s already looking forward to great ideas for next year’s yearrbook and newspaper!


May Winner

  • Kaela T.

April Winner

  • Tim C.

March Winner

  • Jay H.

February Winner

  • Abby S.

January Winner

  • Dylan Y.