Dell Rapids School “You Rock” Teacher Awards

Teachers and staff members of the Dell Rapids School District are nominated and presented with a “YOU ROCK” stone courtesy of LG Everist every month.  Students and parents are encouraged to nominate a staff member for this honor.  It’s a simple way to show appreciation for their work and dedication to the children of Dell Rapids.

Award Winners:

  • Kelley Gruneich—She is always there when you need her, and she is always willing to help in a way we all understand.  Mrs. Gruneich is kind, helpful, and smart.  She is also great at helping us understand math.
  • Brady Lesnar—He is always very encouraging because when people have a bad day, he always encourages you to have a good day!
  • Natalie Eggers—She respects everyone, helps us, and she takes care of us.  We love her as our teacher.
  • Kate Telkamp—She helped me with some concerns I had, and she made it very easy to talk to her.   She solved the problem and even made it better than before.
  • Amber Uphoff—Amber has done an amazing job jumping right in and helping.  She is not afraid to step up and help where she sees help is needed.  I am truly grateful for her help.