Dell Rapids School “You Rock” Teacher Awards

Teachers and staff members of the Dell Rapids School District are nominated and presented with a “YOU ROCK” stone courtesy of LG Everist every month.  Students and parents are encouraged to nominate a staff member for this honor.  It’s a simple way to show appreciation for their work and dedication to the children of Dell Rapids.  Nomination forms can be found by clicking here.

Award Winners:

YouRock_Oct2017_1 YouRock_Oct2017_2 YouRock_Oct2017_3
  • Natalie Eggers—She has a positive influence on students and staff. She eats lunch in the cafeteria every day which may seem like a small thing, but it makes a big difference. It shows students that she is present and watching what they are doing. She likes the togetherness of our staff and she wants to get to know her fellow teachers. She has a become a great leader in the fifth grade team.
  • Pat Gengler—She is one of the hidden gems in our school. She inspires and makes a difference wherever she is. She is a true testament of what longtime commitment and dedication to teaching others looks likes. She is the caring words that can be seen and heard everyday in the hallways and classrooms. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help any students or staff. She is nothing short of Quarrier Pride and defines our school statement, “Empowering each other to excel!”
  • Staci Simons—“You Rock” because of the amazing work she has our students doing. When the neighborhood kids get together and they do “art” with each other it shows me how much of an impact she has on them. They love what they are being taught in art! Thank you!
  • Laurie Schultz—She knows the pulse of each school day, she is consistent and dependable, she gives 110% to her work efforts and the kiddos, She is a great team player, She gives practical advice and wisdom from her past many years of experience, She is proud to be a Quarrier and part of the Dell Rapids School System.