Dell Rapids School “You Rock” Teacher Awards

Teachers and staff members of the Dell Rapids School District are nominated and presented with a “YOU ROCK” stone courtesy of LG Everist every month.  Students and parents are encouraged to nominate a staff member for this honor.  It’s a simple way to show appreciation for their work and dedication to the children of Dell Rapids.  Nomination forms can be found by clicking here.

Award Winners:

Larson_Batres_YouRock Klein_YouRock
  • Kari Hettinger—You always make math class fun and you help when kids need help.  You always do your best to teach us in a fun way.  You can tell that she really likes her job and she is always very nice to everyone.  She also has a very good sense of humor.  When she is teaching, she makes sure everyone understands.
  • Randy Rice—We appreciate all the extra things you do to help us in the drama department.  You let us know we are important when you do things for us without even being asked.  For all of these things, we’d like you to know how much we think “You Rock”  Randy.
  • Julie Wynja—Julie has done a great job with her new position of SPED Director.  Julie is always  great about communicating between departments to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Drew Bunkers—Your efforts to create a positive work and learning environment are greatly appreciated.  I know students have noticed that you have learned their names so quickly and have taken an interest in their lives at school.  Thank you for participating in my classroom, it made my students feel heard and it enhanced the overall lesson.  You Rock, Mr. Bunkers!
  • Kristi Larson—Kristi rocks for how vested she is in every student that she works with.  She strives to create a meaningful rapport with every student.  Kristi is always willing to take on extra tasks and doesn’t hesitate to offer a hand when she sees a need.  I am proud to have her as a colleague and for that, YOU ROCK!
  • Deanna Batres—Deanna rocks for the true connections she makes with the students and staff she works with.  She creates a fun rapport with her students and can always bring laughter to any situation.  Her love for laughter helps connect her to all students.  I am proud to have her as a colleague and for that, YOU ROCK!
  • Butch Klein – Butch always greets the kids with a friendly “Hello” in the morning.  He also does a great job of building relationships with the kids on the bus.  Butch goes above and beyond his typical duties on a daily basis.  He is the best!