A Christmas of Hope

As of press time it’s 55 days to Christmas..8 weeks. I’m not trying to jump the gun and forget Thanksgiving. I simply love Christmas! I love what it stands for. I love the time with family. I love the weather, the visiting with people, seeing people shopping, I love the music. All of it! Recently I was driving home from Oklahoma and I was thinking about Christmas and how, for some people, it isn’t fun. Some people will have their headaches. Some people will not enjoy visiting because of their pain. Some will have to leave their relatives house early because of a heath problem. Some are groggy because of the medications. I realized that some people will be sitting there wishing they could have a good time. They will be sitting there thinking about how they are such a fun person to be around and they love to laugh and they love to visit and they love to play games and tickle grandkids but they just aren’t in the mood because of their pain or because of their headaches or because of their medication. Maybe they even used to be a fun loving person but over the last several years that spirit of happiness and that grateful attitude and that positive outlook are all gone. The are a different person now and because of their silent struggle people just assume they are “crabby” all the time…but they don’t want to be. Some of these people even say “I just deal with it” yet their families are the ones who take the brunt of their frustration. I know because that was me. I know because it has been my relatives. I know because I have these conversations all the time at our clinic. I know this happens and it breaks my heart. To think that some people are out there not expressing life because of a problem… A problem that we have great results with. I had a conversation with a guy who really opened up to me about his back pain. He told me “I don’t like to do this,” holding up a beer can, “I drink because it is all that will take my mind off of the pain.” Let me tell you those people struggling are in your family. They are in your neighborhood. You go to church with them, you work with them. They would love to be different and be happy…but they cannot get past their pain. They cannot get past their limitation.

The reason I am having this conversation with you is this; It is 55 days to Christmas. The vast majority of people that come into our clinic get marked improvement in their health or their pain in the first 60 days. Many have relief sooner than that. We, you and I, could give the people you know a Christmas they hope for. We could make this Christmas memorable because for once they didn’t have a headache. They didn’t have back pain. Their arms weren’t numb. They could eat with no acid reflux, for once they were not groggy from the medication. For once their diagnosis didn’t hold them back. They could LIVE! I am asking you to focus on sending those people you know into our clinic for an appointment so we can change their life. I love the scriptures. I love the promise’s. Like these: Isaiah 53 “By His stripes we are healed,” I love Psalm 139, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” I love Matthew 22 “Love God. Love people.” Thats what we do! This is a way we can love people, help them heal and help them live the wonderful life God made them for. I can’t reach everyone. You can help. Please help them get the help they deserve. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it is someone you know. Whatever it is. Call us today 605-428-4778. Together we can change someones life.

God Bless,

Dr. Seth Severtson- Chiropractor

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